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If there are the same engine, yes, it will fit. Then you have the issue of replacing the: computer, steering column (for the shifter), & flywheel off the motor. In other words, it is a pain.....

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โˆ™ 2006-04-11 13:52:06
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Q: Will a Auto Trans from a 1991 Ford Crown Victoria fit a 1988 LX 50 that is currently a standard?
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Where is the refill for transmission fluid found at on 1995 ford crown Victoria?

Trans Dipstick

Will a 1996 thunderbird transmission interchange with a 19985 crown Victoria?

no it wont work ur 1996 thunderbird has a 4r70w aode trans which is an electronic trans, the 85 crown vic aod trans is not electronic it will probably bolt up... but not much else

Where is the neutral safety switch ON A 2004 FORD CROWN VICTORIA located?

on the trans were shifting linkage hooks up

Where is the starter located on a 2000 Crown Victoria?

Flywheel/trans area. Follow the pos batt cable to the end. it is attached there.

What tools i need to drop tranny in a 2003 ford crown Victoria?

Standard set of mechanics tools SAE and Metric, floor jack, jack stands, low profile trans jack, large drain pan and a repair manual for that vehicle.

Where does plastic ball found in trans pan on 1996 crown Victoria go?

Discard it. It was put in at the factory. This tells me pan has never been pulled an cleaned.

Does a 96 crown vics trans fit in a92 crown vic?


What is the towing copacity for Crown Victoria?

No problem for a small trailer up to say 2,500 lbs or even 3,000 lbs. Just as long as you turn off the electronic over drive. This will keep the trans. cooler. Also for those long trips, have a trans. cooler installed, it helps.

How do you fix a broken speedometer on a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor?

AnswerCan be tricky -may be dial-sensor at trans -or gear on shaft that turns sensor --even wiring or connection or the computer.

Your 96 Crown Victoria won't go in gear?

Won't GO in gear - check fluids Won't go INTO gear - Trans linkage loose or broken. Worse - trans pump or pump shaft is broken . Won't come out of park - check the brake light fuse, it may be blown.

How to fix a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria Drive shaft leak?

The drive shaft does not leak. It is either the pinion seal or the trans. seal. Either one, the drive shaft has to be removed. The rear seal should be done at a garage, but you could do the front.

When to change tranny fluid on 2006 trailblazer?

Automatic trans, 50K, standard trans, 100K.

What is the difference between crown vic and mercury meraueder?

The mercury marauder has a 4.6l 4v from the mach1 mustang and also shares its power plant with the Lincoln aviator intech motor. The Crown Victoria has a 4.6l 2v from th 1999 mustang gt power plant and if you in for a little fun with 4g's invested you can get a t-45 trans and clutch kit and get it swapped, dyno.

How do you Checking transmission fluid level in 1997 Ford Crown Victoria?

The dip stick for the trans. is on the passenger side, between the engine and the firewall. Run the engine to normal operating temp. and pull the stick, wipe it, re-insert it and pull it out. Follow the level marker on the stick. If you need to add, you will need a funnel with a long neck and the proper trans. fluid. Like dexron 3.

How many quarts of trans fluid for filter change on 2001 crown vic?


What trans is in 1999 Chevy k1500 ls 5.7 extended cab truck?

The 1999 K1500 had the 4L60E automatic trans. Not sure which standard trans was used.

Can hard shifting on a 2000 ford crown Victoria transmission be fixed?

Yes it can. But that means big bucks to repair the trans. Somewhere around $ 1500 to $ 2000. to rebuild it. Depends whats wrong, bands, clutch's, torque converter. Is it only first to 2nd, or is it all the shifts?

What is the maximum speed in a Chevrolet Blazer 6cyl 100hp 1974?

Standard trans, 78 mph.Automatic trans, 76 mph.

Does a 2003 Toyota Corolla have a slave cylinder?

if it is standard trans it does

Your ford crown Victoria only goes in reverse and doesnt go in drive what do you think would fix this.its a 2003 police package vic.what do u recommendanything before i remove it please. thanxs?

check For proper fluid level, If level is good Try changing the trans filter

How many mpg does your 1998 Honda Accord get?

Standard trans, 25/31 Automatic trans, 23/30

Where are the best places to eat along the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary and Victoria?

There are many places to eat along the Trans-Canada Highway between Calgary and Victoria. Some of the best include the Central Cafe in Ashcroft and Anny's Dairy Bar in New Westminster.

How many miles are between St.John's and Victoria?

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Where is the backup light switch on a 94 Tracker with a standard trans?


What are the standard features of a 2013 Pontiac Trans Am?

The 2013 Pontiac Trans Am comes standard with a V6 engine, rear wheel drive, five speed manual transmission, and rear spoiler. The engine can be upgraded to a V8 for additional cost.