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Yes, a bad coil will prevent the ignition from firing and the engine will not start.

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2011-02-08 15:32:26
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Q: Will a bad ignition coil in a 2000 town car cause the car not to start?
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Can a bad ignition coil cause a engine not to turnover?

No. It will cause it to not start but it will still turn over.

What are symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil will cause your engine not to have any spark. Without any spark the engine cannot start or run.

On a 2000 Sebring 2.5 where is the ignition coil located?

The ignition coil is built inside the distributor on a 2000 Chrysler Sebring 2.5L.

Can a bad ignition coil cause a car not to start?

You bet. A bad coil and you have no spark to the plugs. No spark and the fuel cannot be ignited.

How do you test the ignition coil in a car?

You can test the ignition coil on a car by using a multimeter. A bad ignition coil can be the cause of a car not starting.

What damage the ignition coil?

Temperature can cause damage to the ignition coil. Temperature which is above 150 degrees Celsius can cause a great damage to it.

Will the car start if the ignition coil is bad?

The engine will either not start, or run poorly if the coil is bad.

What happens when the ignition coil is bad?

When an ignition coil goes bad the car will not run right, or not at all. An intermittent coil will cause shudder, or a jerking motion. When the coil has no output then the cylinder that the coil feeds cant burn the fuel and cause power.

Does a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee have an ignition coil?


Where is the ignition coil located on a 2000 Chrysler Sebring jxi?

The coil on a 2.5L is built inside the distributor.

Where is the ignition coil on a 2000 ford escort ZX2?

The ignition coil is located just to the right of your car's engine. An easy way to locate it is to follow the wires from your spark plugs. The other end of the cable is connected to the ignition coil.

How much is an ignition coil cost for a 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

Approx $130 for the coil. See link below

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