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Will a bad water pump cause a 1996 Dodge Intrepid 35 v6 to overheat?


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2005-02-08 10:59:35
2005-02-08 10:59:35

Low coolant/anti-freeze could be an issue.If there's a squeaking noise, it could be the bearings in the water pump. The serpentine drive belt could be loose or worn,causing the water pump pulley to not spin as fast as it should. Yes it could. Be forwarned that aftermarket waterpumps on this particular engine should be avoided. Have your mechanic use an OEM one. There is also a very specific bleed procedure that needs to be used on this motor. If your mechanic is unaware of it, he needs to check for the details. It is about a 45 minute ordeal to correct it. Before you replace the waterpump, have you had any service done to the vehicle that involved the cooling system in the last 3 months? If so, investigate the bleed procedure first.


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