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No, it's against federal law to operate a vehicle with a knowingly inoperative odometer. It's the same as turning back an odometer.

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โˆ™ 2007-07-31 16:30:27
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Q: Will a car pass inspection in Louisiana if the odometer does not work?
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Does your airbag need to work to pass inspection?

I wouldn't want an airbag in my car that doesn't work, let alone pass inspection.

Why does the odometer not work on a 1992 Chrysler New Yorker?

If the speedometer works but the odometer does not, the odometer has failed.

Why would the speedometer and odometer not work on your motorcycle?

why would a speedometer and odometer not work on a suzuki motorcycle?

If you forget to hook up the ground wire on an a c unit will it work?

Yes, but it will not pass a code inspection and is unsafe.

Will a car pass inspecion in Louisiana if the driver's window does not work?

Yes, they do not check the operation of the windows.

Why would the speedometer work and the odometer not work on a 92 LeBaron 3.0L?

The odometer is broken and needs replaced.

Odometer will not work speedometer is ok what can be wrong?

My speedometer works and the odometer does not because there is a plastic gear in the odometer that is broken.

If the third brake light not work will it pass inspection in DE?

No, the CHMSL is required by FMVSS108 - federal law, which the state cannot circumvent.

Will your car pass inspection in New York if the ABS Light is on?

i think yes abs does not need to work in order for the brakes to operate

Odometer light on a class Mercedes does not work?

there are no light in odometer to see milege and clock

What causes the 2002 Volvo S80 odometer and trip odometer to go out. All other functions in the dash work and no fuses are blown?

my odometer on 2002 volvo s-80 does not work

What would cause the speedometer to not work and the odometer to work on a 1999 Mercury Cougar?

The gears in the speedometer are stripped. If the odometer is working then you have input.

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