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If the only damage is to your car and the accident did not result in any property damage to anyone else then you can refuse payment and close the claim without settlement and should be able to avoid any negative impact on your rates. If on the other hand there is damage to another vehicle or property that will be paid by your insurance company then you might as well take what you can from your insurance company for your vehicle.

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If you was on your dads insurance as a named driver does in affect their premium if you have an accident?

Yes, the general idea of insurance is that your rates go up when you cause an accident and they are forced to pay out.

Does a following too closely ticket affect your insurance in California?

Sure and here is why. Following too closely= tailgating= accident or potential risk of getting into an accident. If I was your agent, I would consider this situation with my supervisor and determine the amount of your premium.

In this scenario what would happen if Rebecca chose to lower her deductible after completing her current claim?

It would not affect her current claim but lowering of her deductible would then affect any future claims. Of course the premium would be slightly higher in exchange for the lower deductible. The company will also want to examine the vehicle to make sure repairs are done from the previous accident before lowering the deductible.

If I get a traffic violations does it affect someones insurance?

It can affect: 1. Your insurance premium (for your own vehicle, or your parents vehicle if you are on their policy. 2. Your employers insurance premium (if you drive for work) It will NOT affect: 1. Your friend's premium, unless you are scheduled as a driver on the policy

Does the distance from a fire hydrant affect the insurance premium?

not realy i dont under stand why

If a father owned a car and the son took it for a ride and had an accident how much would that affect the son's premium when he gets his own insurance?

Well, for now it will effect Dad's. If the boy was issued tickets, and they are still on his record when he applys for coverage this will show up and he will be rated accordingly.

If you put a new roof on your home does your insurance premium go down?

No. Doesn't affect it at all.

Can you use regular gas in an Acura TSX?

No, premium only, otherwise it will affect your engine performance.

A 16 year old under my policy gets a speeding ticket does it affect my premium?


What happen during kane's accident did it affect his face?

he was burnt by the undertaker when he was young

How does alcohol affect you when you're operating a boat?

Makes it more likely that you will have an accident

Will a community development grant for your mother's home repairs affect her ability to refinance her home?

no, because they're lazy.

How will disobeying a traffic signal affect insurance rates in Illinois?

It will make your insurance premium go up..

If you have an accident while driving someone else's car does it effect your own insurance?

it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.

Does medium gas octane affect a car which uses premium fuel?

Using a fuel other than specified could adversely affect the emission control system, and may affect warranty coverage.

If an accident is not your fault will it affect your insurance rates?

Shouldn't do provided other driver is identified.

How does the powder in air bags affect you?

Kids 12 and younger can die from an airbag in an accident.

How do seat belts affect your momentum during an accident?

They merge your momentum with that of the entire vehicle.

If you have insurance with aig how long does an accident stay on your insurance?

I don't know exactly how AIG is setup but tickets and accidents usually stay on your insurance for 3yrs. During that 3yr. time frame you will have points on your insurance, the more points the higher the premium. Some companies will look back as far as 5yrs. If your accident is older than 3yrs. but still within 5 it my affect how your policy is tiered. The accident at that point my not cost you any points but because you have had a ticket or accident in the last 5yrs. you may be placed in a different tier than someone with a clean driving record because you are considered higher risk.

Does a single moving violation affect premium rates on an existing policy?

Depends on the company. No hard and fast rules about it.

If you are in an accident that's your fault will it affect your rate increase if you fix the damage to your car with your own money?

If you have reported the accident and your insurance company has repaired the other driver's vehicle, it more than likely will affect your rate. When you are at fault, it always affects your insurnace.

Do accident claims by one spouse affect the other spouse if they have a separate policy?

Depends on several things. What type of accident, are the people residing in the same residence, etc.

Can you give premium membership to other members of steam or TF2?

You cannot pass on your premium membership to someone else, but you can buy (for $5) a premium membership item in tf2 and then trade it to someone (or you could give them $2.5 and tell them to buy any item of that value, for example a key. This will also make them premium and it is cheaper to do). Making a TF2 account premium will not affect your steam account. To make someones steam account premium, gift them any game that isn't free to play.

Will a Fail To ControL Speed accident ticket affect insurance?

yes your rates will go up

Does age affect who texts while they drive?

No Because If You Drive Text You an Be In A Accident And Probable Die