Will a heat exchanger go bad?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Will a heat exchanger go bad?
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Heat exchanger for ammonia absorption refrigeration system?

there are two type of heat exchanger in absorption refrigeration, first is liquid heat exchanger and other is gas heat exchanger.both heat exchanger function is same, to transfer heat (hot medium to cold medium) without violate second newton law of thermodynamics. liquids heat exchanger is between boiler and absorber vessel mean while gas heat exchanger between evaporator and absorber.

Exchanger is not transfer heat why?

Heat exchanger manufacturers is an ISO 9001 certified company located in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The company started its functioning 2011 in, with a strong background in heat exchanger manufacturing. Our well-experienced and dedicated employees consistently thrive to serve our customers with the best heat exchanger solution. visit ::

What is heat exchanger duty?

The duty of a heat exchanger can be defined in an easy way as "The amount of heat exchanged from a fluid at a higher temperature to the fluid at lower temperature in unit time by a heat exchanger is called its duty"

Difference between heat exchanger and condenser?

actually there is no difference , infact condenser itself is a heat exchanger

What type of exchanger is used to condense a vapor by cooling it?

A heat exchanger.

What is the difference between a calorifer and a heat exchanger?

Calorifer is a heat exchanger, with a specific of air (or other gas) preheat. Usually is directly in a Duct installed. Heat Exchanger usually is separate unit.

Regarding water flow-should pool water go through the filter before it goes to the heat exchanger or should pool water go to the heat exchanger then through the filter before going back into the pool?

it goes ....pump, filter, heater, auto feeder, back to pool...this way the super chlorated water doesn't hurt the heat exchanger...

Why Expansion bellows are required in heat exchanger?

expension belows are used for heat exchanger to avoid thermal stress

What is difference between condenser and heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one fluid to the others. A condenser is simply a heat exchanger. It compresses refrigerants into a hot gas to then condense them into a liquid. Majorly condenser is used to cool the required vapor and heat exchanger is used to heat the required liquid.

What is the abbreviation for heat exchanger?


Where is the dollar plate on a heat exchanger?

It's the flat, flanged cover on the front (and sometimes the rear) of a shell & tube heat exchanger.

How you can increase the retention time in shell and tube heat exchanger?

the most effective way to do so is to reduce the flow of the heat exchanger