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Rubbing alcohol is very drying to the skin. I would recommend a hypoallergenic oil, lotion or cream and never use Vaseline, baby oil or mineral oil! They are made from petroleum and are considered to be carcinogenic, which means they may cause cancer. Read your labels. They do not absorb into the skin very well either. Cold-pressed vegetables, nut oils, and seed oils are the best and most widely used. You can use essential oils for fragrance but be careful because some may cause allergic reactions or be bad for nursing/pregnant women.

If you choose to massage with rubbing alcohol it will not harm the fetus since it does not get into the blood stream. If you have any concerns about this, you should consult with your doctor.

As far as application methods, it is usually mixed with a bit of water so it is not full strength. And, it is recommended for swollen, warm and tender feet. It is usually applied with a piece of cotton and rubbed under the feet.

If you rub allot of alcohol on your body you will inhale the fumes which will get in you blood stream and can be detected in a urine sample...There fore in your fetus.

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Q: Will a massage with rubbing alcohol harm the fetus?
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Will a massage with rubbing alcohol harm the baby?

No it will not reach the baby if that is what you are afraid of.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while being pregnant?

no, alcohol can harm the fetus

What harm does inhaling rubbing alcohol cause?


Can snifffing rubbing alcohol harm you?

Yes, it is not recommended.

Will rubbing alcohol remove nail polish from nails?

most likely what you should do is try it and fnd out rubbing alcohol will do no harm to your nails

Can drinking alcohol within five weeks of conception harm a fetus?


What can harm an unborn fetus?

Many things can harm the unborn fetus including, but not limited to, alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription and non-prescription medication, infections, trauma, and smoking.

Can smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol in first weeks of conception harm a fetus?


What can harm a fetus?

Alcohol, drugs, vaccinations, lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as folic acid.

Alcohol does mental and physical harm to a prenatal child and therefore it is referred to as a?

Drinking alcohol when pregnant can cause harm to the unborn fetus and is therefore classed as a poison during pregnancy. The alcohol can cause the fetus to be deprived of oxygen and nutrition; it could also cause fetal alcohol syndrome after birth, which can lead to mental and physical deformities.

Is rubbing alcohol harmful diluted in water and to be used as glass cleaner?

it is not strong enough to harm

Can drinking alcohol kill a fetus?

Yes.Drinking alcohol has been linked to conditions that can harm a fetus, or even cause a miscarriage. Yes, the foetus is another name for a baby growing in its mothers womb and alcohol can definitely kill it.

Will drinking wine harm the baby?

It is a fact that drinking any alcohol during pregnancy can be harmful to the fetus.

What harmful substance that can cross the placenta and harm the fetus?

Harmful substances: - Alcohol - Cigarettes/nicotine - Drugs

What potentialy harmful substances can pass through the placentra to the foetus?

Nicotine, drugs,alcohol which can harm the growing fetus. All of this substances, are terratogenic and can make fetus have a retarded growth.

Social consequences of alcohol during pregnancy?

There are very much social variations to alcohol consumption, world wide. The social norms are to be honoured. Small quantity of alcohol does no harm to the fetus or mother.

Could you use rubbing alcohol for fever?

In many places in the world, alcohol is used to lower down the fever. There seems to be no harm in this traditional method of lowering the fever.

Can codeine harm an unborn fetus?

can codeine effect the fetus

Will hurt you if you accidentally get rubbing alcohol in your needle and inject it will it hurt you?

I wouldn't worry about it. The rubbing alcohol will just go through your bloodstream, and eventually leave. It shouldn't seriously harm you in any way. For example, before nurse's inject needles/vaccines into your bloodstream, notice how they always put rubbing alcohol on your skin to protect against infection? That absorbs into your skin like a sponge, and it doesn't harm you! Surely it's nothing you would have to call poison control about.

What can happen if you were intoxicated while conception?

Nothing, there is no fetus for the Ethanol to harm, it should be your last meeting with alcohol until the baby is born however.

Is two alcoholic drinks safe in the 6th month of pregnancy?

It is recommended that you abstain from consuming alcohol while pregnant; however, a small amount of alcohol will not harm the fetus. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

What is the first rule of massage?

Do no harm

How does toxins harm a fetus?

they are passed to the fetus and cause imbalanced compounds that effect DNA

Can beer harm an unborn fetus? can

Can Sex after fertilization harm the fetus?

No, typically sex after fertilization does not harm the fetus. The only time it may is if you are suffering from a condition called placenta previa.