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Yes,the mk4 and 5 chassis' are identical and generally any fiesta front wheel drivetrain can be transplanted into any other fiesta engine bay up to mk6.

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2012-06-26 13:31:00
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Q: Will a mk5 fiesta engine fit a mk4 fiesta cheers?
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Will mk3 fiesta front seats fit a mk4?

No, the floor pans are completely different. The MK3.5 will fit the MK4.

Would a w reg fiesta zetec engine fit a fiesta 1.25 zetec 02 model?

a w plate fiesta engine will fit into an 02 model, the main thing to checks wiring looms etc power steering was optional on the mk4's

Do all mk4 fiesta 1.3 have pas?

Not all mk4 fiesta 1.3 have pas.

Is t reg fiesta a mk4 or mk5?


Will mk 4 fiesta alloys fit on a mk 5 fiesta?

Yes no problems at all as the mk4 and 5 are basicly the same car.

Will a mk4 engine fit into a mk3 jetta?

Simple answer is yes.

Will a fiesta MK6 alloys fit a MK5 fiesta?

Yes they will all fiestas from mk4 to 7 as far as i know all have the same 5.5mm space of alloys

Iat sensor mk4 golf?

where is the outside air temperature sensor located on a 2002 mk4 vw golf 1.4 Engine Code AXP? Cheers

Would a fiesta zetec s bumper fit your fiesta ghia 1999?

If you have the mk5 then the mk5 zetec-s bumper will fit straight on. If you have the mk4 the zetec s bumper will need cutting and trimming to make it fit but they do fit with work. Best way to check if you have a mk4 or 5 is by the lights. If you have the same shape lights as the ZS then you have a mk5 if not then you have a mk4. P.S. that was for the front bumper. Im not 100% sure on the rear. The ZS rear will fit straight on the mk5 and I have been told they fit on the mk4 with no work at all but I cant be 100% sure as iv never done it.

Where do you find the thermostat on a fiesta zetec engine?

If it is a mk4 onwards model it is on the front of the engine under the alternator sitting in the plastic housing

Where is the clutch cable on a mk4 Ford Fiesta?

It does not have one. The mk4 fiesa has a hydraulic clutch.

How do you make a astra mk4 sound like a Subaru?

fit a subaru engine

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