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I have heard that if the babies get the smell of human on them then the mother won't touch it.


i touched my babies when they were about a day old which i shouldn't have and she didnt reject them but just don't take them away from the mother or pick them up try avoid to touch them because i do think the mother does abandon her babies in some cases of this happening

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:39:19
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Q: Will a mother mouse disown its baby if a human touches it?
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Will the mother mouse abandon the babies if you touch them?

If the mouse is a pet mouse and not a wild mouse, no. The pet mouse will not have the fear of human scent.

Will the parents leave there baby mouse if a person touches it?

This depends on the age, and how long the mouse is held. If it is a newborn, and it still greatly depends in it's mother, then chances are, it will. However, if your just poke the baby, it will have no affect. You have to have held it for long enough that your scent covers the thing, instead of its mother's.

How do you know if a baby mouse is a mouse?

Is the mother a mouse? Is the father a mouse? Then yes, it is a mouse.

Why is the animal mouse called a mouse?

because its mother is a mouse.

Does mother mouse stay with father mouse?


How much babies can a mother mouse have in her life?

*"How many babies can a mother mouse have in her life?"It is possible for a mother to mouse to have over 9,000 babies in her lifetime.

How do you care for a baby mouse with a mother?

There isn't much you can do for a newborn mouse! Just let the mother do her job (she knows best). Make sure there is plenty of food and water (for the mother) and some soft, warm bedding. Make sure not to disturb the mother and babies too much, this may make the mother anxious. make sure you dont touch they baby(s) for a few days after being born or they mother may disown them and not look after them they should start eating at around 2-3 weeks

Will a mouse nurse a baby mouse that is not her own?

Yes, a mouse will nurse young from another mother if the other mother is removed or deceased

Can a human eat a mouse?

A human can indeed eat a mouse. Humans do not typically eat mice because there is not enough meat on a mouse to feed a human.

Is a mouse a human?

no its not

What is the difference between an optical mouse and a ball mouse?

A optical mouse uses a laser to guide your cursor, but a ball mouse has a sphere that touches the surface, as it moves, so does your cursor. Hope it helped!

When does the mother mouse leave the baby mouse?

after like 6 months

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