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Will a mother mouse disown its baby if a human touches it?


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I have heard that if the babies get the smell of human on them then the mother won't touch it.


i touched my babies when they were about a day old which i shouldn't have and she didnt reject them but just don't take them away from the mother or pick them up try avoid to touch them because i do think the mother does abandon her babies in some cases of this happening


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There isn't much you can do for a newborn mouse! Just let the mother do her job (she knows best). Make sure there is plenty of food and water (for the mother) and some soft, warm bedding. Make sure not to disturb the mother and babies too much, this may make the mother anxious. make sure you dont touch they baby(s) for a few days after being born or they mother may disown them and not look after them they should start eating at around 2-3 weeks

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a mother will leave her babies if they are disturbed or another smell is detected

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