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Will a mouse be upset if you remove her babies?

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2007-05-09 17:01:27

YES! A female mouse is the protector and provider of her young

until it is safe and ready to fend for itself. If you remove the

young prematurely she will be extremely upset. There are different

levels of parental investment in the animal Kingdom. 1.Little

parental Investment- A mosquito who drops her eggs off in a pond

2.Some Parental Investment- African Cichlids put the baby fish in

her mouth to protect it after they are born. 3.More Parental

Investment- Mice and many mammals remain with their young ( in mice

they are called pinkies) until they are nursed, have grown in size

and are fully capable of surviving on their own. 4.A lot of

Parental Investment- Monkeys, Some Birds and Humans maintain close

bonds with their offspring even after they are fully grown and

independent. Yes

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