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YES! A female mouse is the protector and provider of her young until it is safe and ready to fend for itself. If you remove the young prematurely she will be extremely upset. There are different levels of parental investment in the animal Kingdom. 1.Little parental Investment- A mosquito who drops her eggs off in a pond 2.Some Parental Investment- African Cichlids put the baby fish in her mouth to protect it after they are born. 3.More Parental Investment- Mice and many mammals remain with their young ( in mice they are called pinkies) until they are nursed, have grown in size and are fully capable of surviving on their own. 4.A lot of Parental Investment- Monkeys, Some Birds and Humans maintain close bonds with their offspring even after they are fully grown and independent. Yes

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Q: Will a mouse be upset if you remove her babies?
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What should you do if your mouse just had babies?

You should not disturb the mouse at all. Leave her with her babies and let them bond and get used to each other. After three days, you can then look and pick up the baby mice, but remove the mother mouse from her cage, or she'll start moving the babies around.

Will a daddy mouse harm the babies?

Yes it is possible that the daddy will harm the babies. He could eat them or injure them especially in the first week of birth. It's smart to remove the male mouse until the babies are at least 3 weeks old.

How many pups can a mouse have?

It is normal for a mouse to have 10-12 babies. My mouse had 10. The most babies a mouse has reportedly had is 17.

How many babies can a mouse have?

a mouse can have up to 5 to 7 babies in a litter

How much babies can a mother mouse have in her life?

*"How many babies can a mother mouse have in her life?"It is possible for a mother to mouse to have over 9,000 babies in her lifetime.

Can you put a mouse with babies in the same cage with another mouse with babies?

no they will fight, and some babies may die.

What is a Gray Mouse Lemur babies called?


How many babies can a pet mouse have?

A mouse can have a litter of 8 to 10 babies; some more, and some less.

Your mouse had babies and one male is in there and he didn't do it with her should you leave him in there?

No! Any male mouse or rat will eat any mouse babies. dont let male mice with babies until they can see and have fur!

Is it normal for a mouse to only have 5 babies?

Yes, mice can have 2-14 babies. But when you breed, you usually get 4,5,6,7 babies. In rare cases, a mother mouse can have up to 20 babies!

Will the mother mouse abandon the babies if you touch them?

If the mouse is a pet mouse and not a wild mouse, no. The pet mouse will not have the fear of human scent.

How do you know if a mouse has had babies?

by its stomach

Can mice have babies on their own?

As long as there is one male mouse and one female mouse in the same cage there will most likely be babies.

Can you keep your male mose with the mom mouse with babies at once?

No way. If the baby mice are in the cage long enough with the mother mouse, the mother mouse will indefinitely eat the babies.

How do mice have babies?

A mouse has babies just like any other animal. When the mouse is about 5 weeks of age it can have babies. It is wise to separate your females from your males before this age to prevent any unwanted babies.

How many babies are in a mouse litter?

There are about 1-18 mice in a mouse litter.

How babies can a mouse have?

the first litter will be smallest,about 2 to 10 but as she has more babies it can be up to 30 babies!

If a pet mouse mates with a wild mouse do the babies come ouyt disiesd?

Hello. My pet mouse bred with a wild mouse, she had 11 gourgous babies, but they all died after about 6 months. We believe they had a disese passed on from the father.

Should the male mouse be around when the female mouse has her babies?

Not really... the male mouse will probably mate with her shortly after she gives birth and this can put stress on the mother, and could cause her to eat her babies.

Do male mice need to be removed from a cage with a female mouse and their babies?

For a higher sucess rate of the baby mice being born or growing up, once you see the mother mouse begin building a nest she should be placed by herself until the babies are out and about by themselves in whatever you have placed the mother mouse in. answer i would say yes u can ask a pet sore for more info i have heard the father can hurt the babies but that hasn't happened to mine i left the father mouse wid its babies i think its ok but if she has many babies 4+ then he should be removed if u don't want another batch of babies in 3 weeks its best to remove the male straight away because she can get pregnant within 24 hours of giving birth so watch out for that! i had big problems!!and also the babies inbreed with the mother so remove the baby boys when they are 4 weeks old but don't put them with the father because they will fight if a male doesnt know or hasn't growen up with another male in the cage they will hurt each other...

How can you tell if your mouse is pregnant?

See if it has babies or not

How many babies can a mouse have in a year?


Does mice lay eggs or have babies?

They have babies!! They are mammals so of course they have babies! Ever heard of a mouse omellette ??

When will your mouse have babies 3weeks pregnant?

Not exactly, a lot of people may tell you that the gestation period for a mouse is between 18-23 days but my mouse turned out to be pregnant when we bought her and she had her babies at 6 weeks!

How many babies can a female mouse have?

Babies in litters of 1 to 10 have been seen.