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That parent would be in violation of a court order, so yes, they would be in trouble. The adult makes the decisions, not the child. The child should be put into a car and driven home.

2012-08-06 16:50:12
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Q: Will a non-custodial parent get into legal trouble if they let their child live with them because the child refuses to go home to the custodial parent?
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How much trouble would the noncustodial parent get in for keeping their child without consent of court or the custodial parent if said child wishes to stay with the noncustodial parent?

If the noncustodial parent tries to keep the child, the custodial parent can get the noncustodial parent charged with kidnapping and contempt of court both can be jail time for the noncustodial.

What happens to the custodial parent if the child refuses to visit the noncustodial parent in Ohio?

The child can't refuse, they are too young to decide for themselves. It's the parents job to make them go and the custodial parent have to follow the court order. If not he/she will get into legal trouble because they will be reported to the court for not following the courts orders. It's better to work together even if you don't get along as parents because getting picked up by the police and taken from the home to the other one is unnecessary and traumatic for the child. As responsible adults you can prevent this and follow the agreement.

Can a 16-year-old choose to live with his non custodial parent in Missouri?

He can choose whatever he likes, but if he actually does it, he'll get in trouble and his non-custodial parent will get in trouble for letting him.

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Can you take your daughter to Texas without getting in trouble with the police?

If you are the custodial parent you can.

Can a custodial parent deny a child that has turned 18 visitation to a non custodial parent?

No. The child is now eighteen and he or she can make their own decision although that may cause trouble if the child still lives with the "custodial" parent.

Can a Mom get in trouble if a child refuses to go to visitation of the father?

Yes she most certainly can, especially in Indiana. Indiana state law says that until a child has reached the age of 18 they do not have the right to decide whether they are going to visit the non custodial parent. They must adhere to visitation guidelines or the custodial parent will face contempt charges and possibly face fines or even jail time.

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Will a non custodial parent get into legal trouble if they let their child live with them because the child refuses to go home to the custodial parent?

You need to sort it out with the other parent first and then in court. You should be very certain that the child's wish to stay with you is not the result of disagreement with something reasonable the other parent is asking. You are the parent, and while the child's wish is flattering, you have to use good judgement. Yes, in order for you to avoid "legal trouble" you must have the custody and visitation orders modified. Until they are modified you must follow the court ordered visitation schedule. You cannot allow the child to stay with you in violation of the custody order. Very often a child will naturally want to live with the more permissive parent. You need to make certain this is not the case and try to work out the problems that have led to the child not wanting to return the the custodial parent.

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Can a custodial parent get in trouble if that parent leaves the country for vacation and leaves minor child with step dad?

It depends on the exact language in the custody decree, but ordinarily a custodial parent is allowed to place a minor child in the temporary care of any responsible adult.

Can you get the custodial parent in trouble for child not attending school in the state of Oregon?

That would depend on the circumstances. If there is not a legal, acceptable reason for the child not attending school, the non-custodial parent could file a motion for modification of the original custody order based on the same.

Can you get in trouble if your 12 year old does not go home to her mother?

I assume this is a case of the child being with the non-custodial parent and not wanting to go back to the custodial's parent when visitation is over? IF so, and if you're in the US...absolutely you can get in trouble for that.

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What happens when a 17 yr old moves out of moms house and moves into dads house?

As long as the parents are OK with this nothing happens. If it breaks the custody order though and the custodial parent did not agree to this, the police can come and take you back while the non-custodial parent can get into legal trouble for not sending you home.

Can you get in trouble for leaving the state with your children having full custodial rights while the father is fighting for custody and you got a summons stating not to leave the county?

If you were told not to leave the county, then yes, you are breaking the law. At the very least, you'll be in contempt of court. You could also be charged with custodial interference or kidnapping.

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Can a non custodial parent get in trouble for leaving state?

Only in the rare instance where the court order specifically forbids it. However, leaving the state will not alter the NCP's child support obligation

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Can a 12 year old child refuse to go with a non custodial parent?

Not without getting the custodial parent in deep trouble if the visit with the non-custodial parent is court ordered. The custodial parent would be found in contempt of court and fined, even possibly jailed for their failure to make sure their child upholds court ordered visitation. If there is a compelling and legitimate reason why the child does not want to visit the non-custodial parent, a motion for modification of the original visitation order may be granted, however the reasons would have to be significant and proven. Something like, "I don't like him/her" or "I don't want to" or "They make me go to bed at 9pm" aren't good enough.

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