Will a non chrome lined noveske barrel not last as long as a chrome lined barrel?

We keep going over this, and the answer doesn't change...

Whether the chrome lining does anything to extend the service life of the barrel depends on a number of things, such as:

  • Quality of the chrome lining. Cheap chrome lining will flake off over time, effectively negating any usefulness it would have had. I've had experience with Daniels Defense products, but not so much with their barrels... those who have most likely have posted something online about them.
  • Usage. How heavily your rifle will be used makes a difference. If yours is a semi-auto rifle which will only see occasional use, any advantage you gain from chrome lining will likely never be seen. If your rifle will see heavy usage - especially at rapid fire or full auto fire - then a chrome lined bore from a quality manufacturer will give a noticeable extension to the life of the barrel.
  • The barrel itself. Even with chrome lining, the tolerances of the barrel to the heat generated are going to have an impact on the life of the barrel. If you get a really lightweight barrel, and put it through heavy use, it's going to see a significantly shorter lifespan.

There's also factors such as the ammo you use and how well you maintain your firearm.

You're the only one who can really answer the question of how much use your rifle will see. You're also the only one who can answer the question of whether you're building a rifle for the sake of precision, or just to be 'tacti-cool'. Any questions you have more in-depth than what your questions have been at surface level, you're more than welcome to email me at the address in my profile page.