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yes it will bolt right up, how ever you will need a D16Y7 (96-00 non vtec 1.6 liter) timing belt, as the length will be slightly different. you might also need D16Y7 spark plug wires. also your upper timing belt cover will not bolt on. you might be able to use the cover from a D16Y7, but im not sure.

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Will a 1993 Honda Civic engine interchange with a 1999 Honda Civic?

not without major modifications

Will a 1997 vtec civic engine fit a 1994 civic?

With some modifications, yes it will fit

Will a 1999 Honda Civic replacement bumper fit on a 1997 Honda Civic?

It will not fit directly, without modification... the 96-98 bumpers and 99-00 bumpers are different, as are the headlights and hoods

Cana 94 accord motor fit in 94 civic?

With modifications, yet.

Is there another engine that will bolt into a Honda Civic ex?

No, only an Honda Civic engine will bolt up without major modifications.

Will 05 civic si seats fit 00 civic?

It will not directly bolt in. you will probably have to do some major modifications, or swap brackets from one seat to the other to make it work. Or you always have the option to buy aftermarket seat rails/sliders and weld them on to the EP seats.

How many spark plugs does a 2008 Honda Civic 4 cylinder have?

The Honda Civic has four spark plugs, one for each cylinder.

Will a 1992 Honda Civic cylinder head fit on a 1987 Honda Civic block?


Does a honda civic come with 6 cylinder?


Will a 2002 civic motor work in a 1997 civic?

with enough time and money, anything will fit, but in this situation, you can't swap engines without some modifications

How many cylinder does a Honda civic has?

all Honda civics have 4 cylinder engines

Will a 89 accord A20 go in an 89 Honda Civic hatchback?

With enough modifications anything is possible.

Honda Civic miss fire?

why don't I get fuel to cylinder number one on my 96 Honda civic

Will an automatic transmission from a 2005 Honda Civic LX work in a 2001 Honda Civic LX without modifications?

Yes. Be sure though that the transmission isn't from a Honda Civic made in Japan if your Civic is made in the USA or Canada. This is a tip I got from a salvage business.

What is the firing order for 1995 Honda civic DX?

If the engine in your Civic is a 4 cylinder then the Firing order is 1342

Honda cylinder head numbers?

where can i find my casting number on cylinder head for 1993 Honda civic

When do you change timing belt on Honda civic 2006?

2006 Civic has a chain, no replacement necc. but the water pump still has to be looked at!

What is the biggest rims you can put on a 94 Honda civic?

18 inch rims are the max although you can go bigger with modifications.

What is the model number for a headlight replacement bulb on a 2002 Honda civic?


Does a 2004 Honda Civic 4 cylinder have a timing belt or timing chain?

According to the Gates website the 1.7 liter 4 cylinder in a 2004 Honda Civic : Has a timing BELT , it is an interference engine

What other Honda Engine will fit a Honda CRV 1996 petrol?

If you are referring to a straight-up engine replacement - - CR-V's are constructed on the Civic platfrom, therefore, any Civic engine will be an exact fit as a replacement.

What are the cylinder head torque specs for a 2003 Honda Civic vtech d17a2?

torque head ingine honda civic 03

What is the 1990 Honda Civic si engine code?

Stock motor that came in an 1990 Honda Civic Si is a D16A6. SOHC NON-VTEC motor. should be found on the block directly back from the radiator cap on below the cylinder head. The number is stamped on a flat area on the block.

What is the engine size for a 1996 Honda Civic?

A 1996 Honda Civic will have a 1.6 Liter 4 cylinder engine, regardless of the trim model.

What cylinder is number 1 on a 2001 Honda civic?

its before number 2