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Will a sunroof motor out of a 97 Saturn. Fit in a 98 Saturn SL2?

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It appears so, since The Sunroof Doctor has a replacement motor that will fit 1996- 2002 SL models Sunroof Motor 1997-2002 Saturn SC (2 & 3 Door) 1996-2002 Saturn SL (4 Door) Special! New replacement motor available at this price until our stock is gone. You reuse your original connector or hard wire to your harness $81.55

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How do you replace the factory sunroof on a 1999 Saturn SL2?

Contact The Sunroof Doctor for replacement parts & assistance for your Saturn sunroof.

Can you use a 96 Saturn sl2 motor in a 99 sl2?


How do you clean the drain tubes on a leaky sunroof for a 98 Saturn SL2?


Your 1996 Saturn sl2 sunroof is not working correctlythe left side of the sunroof works when the open and close button is press and not the right side why is that?

Motor is not turning both arms. See for more info

Will a motor out of a 1994 Saturn sl2 work in a 1995 Saturn sl2?

I am prettysure you can change the motor as long as the body structure is the same and you have skill in this sort of thing.

Does the 1996 Saturn SL2 fender fit the 1996 Saturn SC2?


Where is the fuse for the sunroof of the 1996 Saturn SL2?

It is inside the car in the fuse panel on the passenger side at the kick panel.

Where are the fuses for the sunroof on a 1992 Saturn SL2?

i believe they are on the right side of the center console . there is a panel that comes off

What type of motor oil needed for a 1998 Saturn SL2?


What is the likely solution for an inoperable sunroof with a new motor and switch on a 98 sat SL2?

Faulty relay

How do you remove the motor for a Sunroof in a 1996 Saturn SL2?

Get a manual on it if you want to do it but it is not a job for even apprentice mechanics as leaks are hard to stop when working on the sun roof. I suggest taking it to the auto trim shop.

How does a 95 Saturn sl2 motor come out bottom or top?

top with the trans

Where can I get a service manuel for my Saturn SL2?

1993 Saturn sl2

Cost to replace motor mount 2000 Saturn SL2?

The cost to replace the motor mounts on a 2000 Saturn SL2 ranges from $500 to $1,000. The high costs are due to the labor intensive process of disconnecting and raising the engine assembly.

How do you install ten inch speakers in the back of a Saturn sl2?

You dont. They wont fit. You need to custom fit them

What tire sizes fit a 1998 Saturn sl2?

195 70 r 15

Will a 1.9 liter engine from a 1996 Saturn sl1 fit a 1998 Saturn sl2 that had a 1.9 liter engine in it?

Yes it will.

What company makes or sells a turbocharger for a Saturn SL2?

The HKS turbocharger is relatively universal, and should fit the Saturn with a little work.

Where is the lower motor mount for 95 Saturn sl2 located?

The lower motor mount is located on the driver side attached to the transmission.

Where is the Relay for the Radiator Cooling Fan Motor for a 1997 Saturn sl2?

I own a 1998 Saturn SL2 and it is located in the plastic fuse box under the hood on the left side of the engine compartment (drivers side).

Where is the transmission pan for a 97 Saturn sl2?

do a 99 Saturn sl2 have a transmission pan gasket

Is there a way to close a sunroof stuck open on Saturn 98 SL2?

Yes,there are a few ways to close a stuck open sunroof on this car. A person can use their hand, or a tool to pull on the sunroof while pressing the button to close it. Using some lubricant will help as well.Ê

How many quarts of oil for 1999 Saturn sl2?

Oil capacity for your 1999 Saturn DOHC 4-cylinder motor is 4 Quarts of oil

Where is the crankshaft positon senor on a 99 Saturn sl2?

firewall side of motor above starter 10mm bolt

Will a 283 small block fit in a 97 Saturn SL2?

No, there is not near enough room for a small block V8.