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A big resounding YES. I hope lessons were learned.

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Q: Will a suspended licence for an open intoxication affect your car insurance rate?
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Does a parking ticket affect your auto insurance in New Jersey?

if you dont pay it and get suspended yes it will affect you insurance

Does a suspended license affect car insurance premiums?


Can a loss of driving privileges for possession of marijuana when you are not in a vehicle affect your insurance?

Having your license in suspended status will affect the insurance, some will not even insure until the license is reinstated - but the reason it was suspended will not affect your insurance due to the fact that it was not a movingviolations.

How does government affect your daily life?

Passport, Health benefits, car insurance, social recurity, taxes, salary, law enforcement, hunting licence, driver's licence, education..

Does how many points you have on your license affect how much your insurance rate will be?

Most insurance companies don't ask you how many points you have on your licence. I'm not sure if they check this kind of thing, but if they do then it will be taken into account.

Can getting a shoplifting ticket affect you when you try to get your license?

It depends what licence you are referring to. It will not affect your application for a driving licence

If you get a speeding ticket in New York state and live in Ontario will it affect insurance and points?

Points do carry over onto your Ontario licence from New York. usually with a difference of 2 points.. So say you received a 6 point for driving 21-30mph over the posted limit which also carries a possible licence suspesnion.. If you are found guilty of that your Ontario licence could include a possible licence suspension and 4 demerit points on your Ontario licence which could effect your insurance... For further information check out

If you have an unpaid speeding ticket in Tennessee does it affect your Michigan driver licence?

Yes, it can. All states exchange information on unpaid traffic tickets, and you can be suspended in your home state for not paying an out of state ticket.

How does the insurance company of a licensed driver look at an accident where the driver they covered is at fault in an accident where the driver not at fault has a suspended license will the insuranc?

It does not matter to an insurance company that the other driver had a suspended license. Liability is determined by the factors of the accident and the evidence put forth. The fact that the other driver had no license does not affect liability or the handling of the claim.

Will it affect your insurance if a driver listed on your policy gets her license suspended?

Yes, they will raise your insurance because the driver with the suspended license is considered irresponsible and a major risk to them. Get them removed from the insurance. They are no longer allowed to drive, and are no longer driving the car, so the rates should actually go down. Once their license has been reinstated, and they need to be added back into the policy, the rates will go up.

How does a public intoxication misdemeanor affect a teacher?

It may be harder for that teacher to be hired, but not impossible.

How does working with carbon monoxide for years affect you?

Carbon monoxide is a cause of intoxication.

Does the color of a car affect the cost of insurance?

No, the color of a car does not affect the cost of insurance.

Do parking tickets affect your car insurance?

No, parking tickets do NOT affect your car insurance rate.

How does drug misuse affect a persons health and well being?

Intoxication can adversely affect an individual in a variety of ways, depending on the toxin and individual.

How long does a DUI affect insurance in PA?

A DUI will adversely affect your insurance regardless, but the degree of effectiveness depends on your history and your insurance company.

Can Home bancruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

Can a home bankruptcy affect getting my insurance license?

If you get a speeding ticket in the company car does it affect their insurance?

Points taken from your licence from a moving violation are reported to your insurance company, so it is your rate that will go up. The company will only be interested in a situation where damages are claimed. They may check your licence periodically though and if too many points are deducted your driving privilege can be revoked. Having unsafe or reckless drivers in company vehicles can void their policy.

Does a registration ticket affect insurance?

No, a registration ticket does not affect your car insurance. Registration tickets, simple traffic violations, and wrong way turn tickets do not typically affect your standing with your car insurance.

How does eating a meal before drinking affect level of intoxication?

It can slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body.

If your license is suspended for child support in one state will it affect it in another state?

Yes. A suspended license is invalidated everywhere.

Will a speeding ticket in California affect your insurance rates in Connecticut?

All driving infractions affect your insurance. Drive safely!

What factors affect the level of alcoholic intoxication?

If you eat a meal before alcohol consumption, you aren't affected as easily.

What is the state that occurs when someone drinks enough to alcohol to affect his or her brain?

Intoxication temporarily affects the operation of the brain.

What does getting a DWI affect peoples lives?

If you mean how does getting a DWI (driving while intoxicated) affect peoples lives, it can depend greatly where you live, the age you committed the offence, & if it's a first offence. Many lose their jobs, have their licence suspended (or get points on it)or receive a prison sentence, depending if you were involved in an accident, 7 your criminal history.