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Yes, try a employer group plan or Mr. Mip. Some carriers will offer individual coverage to an insulin dependent Type 2 diabetic. The rules are fairly stringent and it will generally be at a higher rate but it is not always an automatic decline. Talk to a local agent who specializes in health care. Type 2 diabetics are not insulin dependant. If you happen to be over 65 years of age and on Medicare, you are covered. Type 2 Diabetes initially is not insulin dependent but the medications used soon become ineffective and the patient must resort to using insulin. I have been a type 2 diabetic for 20 years and take 3 different types of insulin which controls my blood glucose very well.

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Q: Will any insurance cover a Type 2 diabetic who takes insulin?
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What will happen if a non diabetic takes insulin?

The insulin will stimulate the formation of glycogen, which will lower your blood sugar

Can a diabetic have cheerios?

If the diabetic takes a proper amount of insulin for the cheerios, or it is easily incorporated into their diet plan, then yes.

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What happens if a non diabetic person takes high dose of insulin?

The blood glucose level will go down and the person may die after going in hypoglycemic coma or get brain damage.

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Yes, and it can be fatal if you don't care for it the right way. But it is manageable. As long as someone with diabetes type 1 checks their sugar, eats the right way, and takes their insulin, they'll be fine. [I'm a type 1 diabetic]

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What is insulin responsible for?

It takes sugar in the blood into muscle to be burned as energy.

Which cell suffer from hypoglycemia if takes insulin overdose?

brain cells

How can you stop diabetes from affecting you?

If a diabetic follows a medically recommended diet exactly, without cheating, and takes prescribed medication (which would be metformin or insulin) as scheduled, and avoids certain other types of risks (do not get a sunburn) then the diabetes should have very little effect, it will be controlled.

Diabetic Chicken Recipes?

Cooking for a diabetic takes some knowledge about the disease. For example, diabetic chicken recipes are nothing like a regular recipe. You have to pay close attention to the carbohydrate and sugar content of every ingredient.

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Why do you not inject insulin into a mussle?

It takes affect too fast and causes hypoglycemia.

How is the blood level of of insulin controlled and regulated?

Well the hormone insulin takes glucose from the blood and shares it with other organs needing it. If Insulin isnt produced than this process isnt occuring which makes your blood have higher glucose levels, the insulin isnt doing its job.

How does diabetes affect athletic performance?

Diabetes affects the way your body processes sugars to form energy. In a normal healthy person our body releases its own insulin to convert the sugars into a usable form. A diabetic person measures their blood sugar and takes the required amount of insulin to use those sugars (foods) eaten. The problem lies in an athlete uses different amounts of energy at different times, especially football! Thus it is VERY difficult to determine the amount of insulin needed so an athlete can perform.

What effect does an increase in the level of insulin in the blood have?

the body takes up more glucose

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Why does a diabetic who takes too much insulin go into insulin shock?

Your body uses the sugars in food as fuel. When healthy, the body produces just enough insulin to digest the food you are eating, maintaining the proper blood sugar level to provide fuel for the cells in your body.In diabetes, your body no longer produces enough insulin, or is unable to make use of the insulin you have. Many times, diabetes can be treated with oral medication that make it easier for the body to use the insulin. But if you simply do not have enough, then you will need insulin injections. The injected insulin needs to be in balance with the sugar in your blood.If you inject too much insulin, or if it is injected improperly, then the new insulin can digest ALL of the sugar in the bloodstream too rapidly, using up all your fuel. Just like a car, when you run out of fuel, you stop. Insulin shock, when there is too much insulin and not enough sugar, can cause dizziness, fainting, coma, and even death.If you think you have had too much insulin and are running out of fuel, add more fuel in the form of sugar. One of the best fuels is orange juice, so diabetics who are insulin dependent ought to have some orange juice handy at all times.If someone faints and the cause may be insulin shock, call an ambulance immediately, or get the person to a hospital.

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