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Q: Will axles from 1997 dodge caravan fit 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan?
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Why does a Dodge Grand Caravan shake only at 37 mph and only under acceleration not cruising or breaking?

Check or replace axles, worn axles are primary source of shaking when accelerating.

What is the failure rate of front end suspension in a 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan?

my 1997 grand caravan is on the original front struts. the original sway bar end links failed around 180,000, and just replaced the original tie rod ends at 204,000. still has original ball joints and cv axles. My 1998 Grand Caravan has had no suspension issues and is just shy of 180K miles.

1995 dodge caravan steering wheel shakes at 45-50 mph?

bent drive axle or axles

Does the 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan and 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan share the same axle?

Yes. The model year changed in 1996, so the '93 and the '95 should have the same axles as long as they have the same transmission. I don't know if the axles from a five-speed amanual will fit one with an automatic for example. One way to check is to go to an online parts source like NAPA or Checker, input both vehicles and see if the part is the same.

What is a realistic price to ask for a second hand Elddis caravan?

A second hand Elddis caravan can be bought for a real good price if the buyer has the time and patience to invest in the search for the perfect caravan. The realistic price to ask for a second handed Elddis caravan will be of around 2,500 GBP upwards. Check the axles and the water tightness of the rubber sealing before taking the final decisions.

After replacing rear brakes on dodge caravan the van shakes when stopping. It is not the rotors any other suggestions on how to adjust the rear brakes?

manualy adjust the brake calibur on rear brake slot located under rear axles on the inner brake cover.

How do you remove cvaxel on driver side on a 1996 dodge caravan 3.0?

I've replaced both of the CV axles on my '96 3.0 and while it is quite simple and I COULD explain it, it is very detailed and the best way to go about it is to consult a Haynes manual...It's a pretty long process.

How do you remove front tire from 2002 grand caravan what is center hub socket size?

Your Lug Nuts should be 19 mm and there should be 5 of them. That large nut in the middle "the center hub" leave it alone. It has nothing to do with front tire other then holding the axles and rotor together.

How do you install a transmission in a 1990 Dodge Caravan?

if you are not very good with cars forget it. front wheel drive ,removing brake assembly ,lower ball joints, axles, motor mounts, separating engine from tranny, support takes much time and experience. and what i have mentioned is only part of removal,sorry

How do you change trans seal in a 94 dodge caravan?

For the main seal you need to split the engine and transmission, whether it's pull the engine or drop the transmision, it's up to you. Then remove the torque converter and pop out the old seal and put in a new one. For the axle seals, you need to pull the axles.

What axles were used in dodge 1 ton trucks during the 1970s?

Usually the Dana 60,70, or 80 were used for rear axles in Dodge 1 tons

What brand Ford Dodge or Chevy has the strongest frame and axles and has the most sturdy body for off roading?

The Ford Dodge has the strongest frame and axles as compared to Chevy.