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Will car start with broken timing belt?

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No, it will not.

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How do you know if timing belt is broke when driving?

If you can drive the car, the timing belt isn't broken. An engine will not start or run with a broken cam belt.

How can you tell if your timing belt is broken on 1.8t?

if the timing belt is broke, then the car wont start. and u probably bent a bunch of valves.

Will a car start if the timing belt is broken?

If The Timing Belt Turns The Camshaft, Which It Does. And The Belt Is Broken The Camshaft Will Not Open And Close The Valves . IT CAN NOT START OR RUN> No. It might start but wont run very well because it wont know when to fire with out the timing belt.

Symptoms of broken timing belt?

One of the symptoms of a broken timing belt is the very loud sound that comes from the vehicle when you try to turn it on. Even though it is loud, the car will not start.

Can a car drive with a broken timing belt?


Will a car start if a belt is broken?

It will start if any belt is broken except the cam belt. If the cam belt is broken it will not start.

How will I know if timing belt replacement is necessary on my car?

The first hint that a timing belt is broken is that the car will turn but will not start. Beyond that you should rplace the timng belt every 100k miles,to avoid it breaking.

What could cause your car to jump timing?

Timing chain or belt is broken

How do you tell if the power steering belts broken?

car want start timing and water pump on the same belt

Is there special noise if timing belt is broken?

no the car just stops

How can you tell if your timing belt is broken on a 95 Ford Escort?

If your timing belt is broken you can definitly tell because your car will not do anything, wont crank, wont do anything. car will crank over but will not fire there is a plastic cover that can be removed part way to expose timing belt

What are sign of a timing belt problem?

Bad missfire and if ur car is hard to start then its a stretched timing belt.

How to tell if your timing chain is broken?

car wont run if the belt is broken ! Run a compression test.

Do a timing belt make the car make noise when the belt is broken?

if the belt is broken the car will not start. when u try to start it it will turn over faster than normal and will not even try to start.BUT TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTION NO IT WILL NOT MAKE THE CAR MAKE NOISE. WITH OUT MORE INFO U MIGHT TRY LIFTERS,CAM BEARING,ROD OR CRANK BEARINGS ETC.

If the car is getting fuel and is firing why won 't it start?

out of time timing chain or belt jumped or broken keyway for gears

What happens if you try to start your S10 CAR and the timing belt is broken?

The S-10 is not a car it is a truck. The only S-10 trucks that have a cam belt are the diesels. This diesel engine is an interference engine. So if the belt broke you more than likely have internal engine damage. Trying to start it with a broken belt will do nothing as it will not start and the damage has already been done. If you do not have a diesel you do not have a cam belt you have a cam chain.

What happens if the timing is of on a timing belt on an Acura Integra?

Most likely your car wont start.

Could a bad timing belt cause the car not to start?


How do you know when your timing belt has stopped working?

Car Doesnt Start

What do you do if the timing belt breaks and how do you know if that is what happened?

If you think your Timing Belt broke DO NOT try to crank your car, if you continue to crank you car with a severed timing belt you will cause more damage. The only way you can tell for sure if the timing belt broke is to remove the upper timing cover and inspect the belt. If you see a naked cam sprocket your timing belt has broken and you will most likely need a top end engine rebuild.

What would make a car die on the side of the road?

Possibility: broken/failed timing belt.

What are the signs for broken timing belt on 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

The car engine will be totally inoperative!

Does a broken timing belt prevent car from starting?

Yes. Most cars are interference motors, this means if the belt breaks, there will be engine damage( bent valves, possible broken pistons). If it is a none interference motor, it will crank, but won't start.

How can you tell if the timing belt has jumped a tooth or broken on a 1994 Honda Civic?

If it jumped a tooth, your car would be running very rough. You would not have much for acceleration, and your gas mileage will drop dramatically. If your timing belt is broken, your car will not run at all.

Can a bad serpentine belt make car not start?

No only if it's a broken cam belt

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