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it is dangerous, you need to let nature take its course. The baby needs a little more time for the lungs to develop and to gain weight. Also if you are not ready "term" 37 weeks to 40 it WILL NOT work. I did it with my first. You have never had a stomach ache like this will cause!!!! Yuck. It will cause you to expell all your food. Think 2 pounds at least soooooooo not worth it. On the up side labor wont feel so awful once you have had this kind of pain xP

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โˆ™ 2009-01-18 22:04:20
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Q: Will castor oil help induce labor naturally?
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Does castor oil work to induce labor?

Castor oil is said to help induce labor. It's a laxative, so it helps to stimulate the digestive system and bowels, which can supposedly help labor.

You are 36weeks and 3days will castor help induce your labor?

yes, castor oil on scrambled eggs will help to induce labor. (I know because my Mom was overdue & she tried it and it worked !!! )

How can you induce labor 36 weeks?

Well, the most natural thing I know to help induce labor is walking, and orgasms or intercourse. Here is a link that will give you a whole list of things that can help to naturally induce labor: *

Is castor oil safe?

It is quite safe, but rather unpleasant and does not actually help induce labor, it just gives you griping and diarrhoea.

Is drinking Castor Oil while your baby is in breech position safe?

A doctor will never tell you to drink Castor Oil. There are no studies that show Castor Oil will induce labor or help your baby flip from the breech position.

Does wine induce labor?

No wine will not help induce labor. It will actually suppress labor. It was used before modern medication to help avoid pre-term labor.

Im 41 weeks and no sign of labor will castor oil help?

I cant speak from personal experience, but my grandmother tried castor oil to try and induce herself. All she did was make herself sick. It had no effect on her progression.

Does pineapples help induce labor?

Can pineapples put you in

Will castor oil help abort a baby at 5weeks?

No. Castor oil can in some cases help start labor when you are fully gone.

Does walking induce labor?

Sorry to say that no, walking does not induce labor. Walking can help get baby into a good position so that labor begins when your body and baby are ready. It can also help contractions (after labor begins) to get regular or to continue.

Does Epsom salt help induce labor?

This application is not scientifically confirmed.

Does eating dates help induce labor?

It helps in ripening the cervix

Is there a way to help your rabbit induce labor?

no let it have a natural birth

Is 32 weeks too soon to take castor oil to induce labor?

You have 2 months to go so yes, it is way too early. His lungs are not done developing yet. If you need to be induced the doctor will help you.

Does parsley induce a Guinea pigs labor?

yes it can help bring on labor but only wen it time

Is intercourse help to induce labor?

Well, it has been known to help induce labor! Doctors often suggest it. But it's not a scientific method or something, and it doesn't always work. But it can't hurt to try right?!

How can you help your self go into Labor?

Walking There are lots of ways to induce labor, I am a Doula & have been trained in these methods, some work for some women others do not: sexual intercourse nipple stimulation (constant & prolonged) walking spicy food castor oil (2 TBS in a glass of OJ) Stair climbing or curb walking there are accupressure points a Doula can manipulate for you that can induce labor you can also see an acupuncturist to induce labor to find a local Doula go to to contact me for more suggestion or if you have questions:

Does blackberry tea help induce labor?

no lol...i don't think so

Will hot curry induce labor at 36 weeks?

The advice to help induce labor by eating spicy food doesn't mean you can induce anytime but that it only works when your body is ready for it. So I doubt it will since you are not fullterm yet.

Will jasmine tea make a woman go into labor?

I've never heard of inducing labor through tea, but... who knows, I guess that since there are certain chemicals that can induce labor (i.e. Castor oil, or natural oxytocin) but I think that only rose-hip tea has castor, and only sexual means (usually via intercourse or nipple stimulation) causes oxytocin releases... My guess is that jasmine tea'd be fine, but one would need to consult their doctor (OB-GYN, family dr, etc...) first. There are certain herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy but jasmine is not one. Raspberry leaf tea is traditionally drank to help contractions but it does not induce labor in itself. Castor oil works by stimulating the bowel by causing diarrhea, the motions of which can stimulate the cervix into contracting.

Im 40 weeks plus 3 days now overdue and not having contractions can rasberry tea help you to induce labor and cope with labor and how much should you take please help you this is your first pregnanc?

Raspberry Tea will help to 'ripen' your cervix for labour, But not induce it. I was advised to seek reflexology to induce labour? Other old wives tale items that are supposed to induce labour are pineapple, a hot curry and sex

How do you induce labor?

I know of 2 ways to enduce labor 1)walking lots of walking(which induced mine) as well as sex is supposed to help induce labor as well!First on our list, there are spicy foods. Did you know that consuming foods that are spicy can induce labor? It's true. In fact, this is a very popular method.The doctor recommends walks, sex and spicy food.

Does castor oil induce labor?

Women have used castor oil to help induce labor, but it should only be used under the direction of your doctor. It can provide good results if you are already in early labor. It is believed to work by causing spasms in the intestines, which surround the uterus toward the end of pregnancy. These spasms, in turn, cause the uterus to cramp, which might result in labor. There has been much debate over whether taking castor oil to induce labor will cause the baby to have its first bowel movement in the womb before birth. This pre-birth bowel movement, called meconium, can be dangerous, because if baby inhales some of it it can cause pneumonia in the lungs. Meconium is also a widely-held signal that the baby is in some sort of distress. Most professionals with any experience with castor oil inductions agree that this is untrue. They have found that there is no increased occurrence of meconium in castor oil induced labors over spontaneous labors.Personal experiences and information:When I was 37 weeks and had been in early labor for 2 weeks, I tried castor oil. Twice. It worked great for my friend but not so well for myself. All I did was throw up and have the runs....really, really badly. I think it all depends on your body, not how well others swear by it because your body can have a different reaction to chemicals and oils versus other people's bodies.You should always use Castor Oil only under the supervision of your midwife or doctor. It's also good to know that Castor Oil should be used only when your cervix is already well dilated (if not, use Maternity Acupressure method to help your cervix to dilate first!) Remember that Castor Oil is a strong laxative and you will be at the toilet a lot. Thus, drink enough fluids to prevent dehydration due to diarrhea.You can go into false labor, have horrible runs, and just get sick. You should make sure you are willing to deal with this if it doesn't promote labor.

Does cumin tea really work to induce labor?

It is believed to help induce women after their due date. I tried it a few times and it did not work. But, that does not mean it wouldn't work for someone else. If your body and baby are not ready for labor, it probably wont do anything.

Does watermelon help induce labor?

I tried it and it worked for me. I had my some less than 24 hours later. I ate A LOT!