Will creditors agree to a settlement of a judgment?

Sometimes. Many creditors will allow you to charge off an account, which is to pay a sum of money less than the debt. It's not good for your credit score, but it will satisfy and close out the debt.


More than likely if a creditor has a judgment out for you, you have lost your chance to negotiate. You should have negotiated before it was taken to court you may have had a better opportunity to settle the debt. Now you have the courts involved and they will ensure the fact that the creditor gets theirs money.

How old is the debt?

A little clarification, once the judgment has been entered the court will not assist the judgment creditor in collecting monies owed.

It is a misconception that not paying a judgment is an act of contempt of a court order, it is not and the consumer cannot be held accountable to the court for the non payment of such.

Some creditors will negotiate on a judgment if they believe that there is no way to excecute it in a timely and uncomplicated way.

If however, the creditor can execute the judgment as a wage garnishment or bank account levy it is highly unlikely they would be willing to negotiate a settlement.