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Will crowns on two front top teeth look different than the rest of the teeth?

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Crowns can be custom stained, shaped, etc. They can look however you want them to look. Something to think about is that if you get a porcelain and metal crown, eventually the metal may start to show at the gum lines (if your gums recede a bit) This problem can be avoided with a totally porcelain crown. Dont forget that custom staining in the lighting of a laboratory cannot truly mimic the light conditions of the human mouth. plus when a doctor takes a shade make sure it is done as soon as you are seated, teath will dry out during the crown preparation. In regards to a porcelain and metal to a all porcelain there are more factors than just showing a "dark halo" @ the gums, ultimitely u must consider biting force. Is the restoration necisary for the reason of a worn tooth ? Is it just decay? Or is it cosmetic? With a strong biting force the doctor must reduce more tooth area to give room for a thicker restoration. porc/metal restorations are much stronger in comparision to all porc. but you may have the halo effect or discoloration at the tissue from the metal "tatooing" . good way to eliminate this problem is to go with a 99% gold metal and all porc. to the margin of the prepared tooth. With the 99% gold under the porc. the color of the tooth takes on dramatic changes and will have a better match with surrounding teeth.

2006-09-29 16:06:12
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Q: Will crowns on two front top teeth look different than the rest of the teeth?
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Do porcelain crowns on front teeth look natural?

Yes they do and they are "caps" (crowns are for the molars.) I just spent $12,000 on my teeth and had the front ones capped as well as the bottom front and the rest bonded. You can't tell they aren't your real teeth. Remember, even though the teeth are capped you have to go in for dental check-ups because you can still get cavities.

How do the front and back teeth look different?

Obviously, they look very different, considering the fact that the front teeth are used for biting, while the back teeth are used for tearing and chewing food. The front teeth are thinner and 'taller' while the back teeth are blunt and wide

Best type of dental crowns for front teeth?

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are not ideal for front teeth because they do not have the same esthetics as natural teeth (the metal on the inside, which is added for strength, does not allow light to pass through the crown like it would on a natural tooth, so these crowns look more opaque). Also, as the gums recede, you may see the edge of where the crown meets the tooth, and a black metal line may appear. All ceramic (porcelain) crowns are great for front teeth, because you can get really good esthetics. However, they are not as strong as natural teeth. So if you tend to grind your teeth, you may break the porcelain. A new kind of metal, Zicronia, is white, so you don't get the same problems as with the metal in typical PFM crowns. Emax and Lava are two types of zirconia crowns that are very nice looking.

What do the teeth of prairie dogs look like?

Prairie Dogs teeth are strong. They have two buck teeth in the front and they look like squirrels.

What do giraffes teeth look like?

Giraffes have molars on the top and bottom of their jaw for grinding up foliage, but only have front teeth on their bottom jaw that are like our front teeth

How do you know if a guinea pig is three months old?

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How long do dental gold crowns last?

Dental gold crowns can last for decades. I've personally seen some last over forty years. In general, porcelain-fused-to-metal or all-porcelain crowns do not last as long a gold crowns. A goal for dental providers is to be able to place a crown that will last at least ten years. This is considered a adequate lifespan of a crown. Most crowns will last longer than this but gold has the best track-record for longevity. One reason gold lasts longer is because it is more forgiving to the chewing forces created in the mouth. Porcelain is more brittle and can fracture, whereas gold is malleable and can change shape to accommodate the force rather than fracture. Gold crowns are often recommended for back teeth which actually bear higher chewing stresses when compared to front teeth. Porcelain is opted for when aesthetics is a concern. This is why porcelain is generally recommended for teeth closer to the front. They look more like real teeth and they can last a long time when they aren't under a lot of chewing stress.

What does suze orman use to make her teeth white?

My guess is some type of porcelain veneers or crowns. Possibly lumineers. Celebrities with teeth you see coming a mile away are usually fake. I agree. She has a totally different look on the cover of her book, Nine Steps to Financial Freedom.

What do canine teeth look like?

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Do your front back teeth fall out?

yes they do and do not always look a pretty sight.

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Can teeth bands work if you have a very large gap in your front teeth about 6mm or a quarter inch or is a bridge or veneers the only way to go?

Sometimes when the space between the two central incisors is too large, orthodontics (braces) may be recommended. This usually will take approximately 18-36 months depending on the severity of the bite. If considering crowns, veneers on bonded composite material on the two front teeth, you must consider the space. These restorations may make the teeth look too large and it may make the assymetry of the entire six front look abnormal. The best thing to do is trust the dentist. Sometimes the wait on orthodontics is worth it. J. Holsworth, RDH

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If you knocked a tooth out and got a replacement would it look different then all the other teeth?

It should not look very different at all. The dentist should be able to match the new tooth to your present teeth very, very closely.

What do squirrels teeth look like?

Compared to their skull the front teeth are quite long, like a rabbit, and usually stained yellow to brown. The incisors are very sharp!

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