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Hi, I've had dirty injectors andf the biggest thing I've noticed is a lack of power and when real dirty, a miss or what seems like skipping. With todays gas though a couple of tanks of high test usually cures them or try a bottle of injector cleaner. It's been a while since it's happened to me but those usually clear up fouled injectors. If that doesn't do it then look to plugs and wires and dist cap and rotor. Those are the first places to go and are usually easy thing to do at least if you have a place to do them. Just do one at a time. Hope all is well. Steve H.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 16:16:15
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Q: Will dirty injectors cause 95 tracker to cut out and have no power?
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What would cause your ford mustang to lose power?

Dirty injectors, air filter cloged, spark plugs need changed, catyletic converter stoped up

What is the cause of a low power engine?

Dirty air filter, worn spark plugs, dirty fuel injectors, worn piston rings, burned valves, bad sensors- and a few dozen other possible causes.

What can cause a Ford Focus 2003 zx3 lose power?

Clogged fuel filter, dirty injectors, bad spark plugs (should be changed every 100K miles).

Why does my Truck lacks power during acceleration?

There are numerous issues that can cause a lack of power during acceleration. Common causes include a clogged fuel filter, a clogged air filter, and dirty fuel injectors.

What would cause no acceleration power on your 2001 Monte Carlo SS?

clogged filter, carbon in the intake, foul spark plugs, dirty injectors, or engine failure!! This may be something to do with the catalytic converter. Check for a recall.

Why do you feel a loss of power in your 1996 jeep Cherokee?

Most probable cause is a dirty fuel filter. After that clogged fuel injectors, spark plugs or air filter. If you have a rotten egg smell around your jeep you might have a bad catalytic convertor.

What causes a diesel engine to lose power and black smoke to come out?

If the car has a turbo, the turbo could be shot. It could also be a dirty air filter, dirty fuel filter, or dirty fuel injectors. Another thing could be a fuel pump that is bad.

Will 31 injectors give your corvette mor power that the 21 injectors?

== ==

Does a 5speed 1996 Geo Tracker have power steering?

Yes it does. I have a 96 geo tracker and it does have power steering.

What can be the problem on a 82 firebird 5.0 if there is no power getting to the injectors?

the computer and the ignition module give power to the injectors.

No power to fuel injectors on 1987 Chevy S 10?

Replace you ignition module, It controls both spark and power to the injectors. You can have spark but the module may be bad and not giving power to the injectors and the vehicle will not run.

Would a dirty fuel filter make the engine have lack power?

If it is restricting the flow of fuel, it can cause low power.

Would a dirty air filter cause hesitation?

not necesarily but it definitely will affect the power... if its dirty just change it they don't cost very much

Can a dirty air filter in a Honda civic pose problems?

A dirty air filter will cause your car to loose horse power. You may loose acceleration and torque.

Why are your injectors not getting power?

check the fuses

Why is there no power to the fuel injectors on a 1989 Chevy truck?

no gas no power

Mercury carpi your injectors will not fire?

i have a 92 mercury carpi i have fuel i have spark but will not start i do not have power to my injectors not sure where to start on how to get power please help

Why is your power window slow on 2002 Chevy Tracker?

could just be the window rubbersareabit dirty or the moter try spraying some wd40 on the moter and rubbers that may free it up abit?

What are the symptoms of bad injectors on a cummns 5.9?

rough idle,execsive smoke from exhaust ,low power could all be symptoms of bad injectors . also check the delivery pump pressure it could also cause the same symptoms

Why does your ford power stroke diesel loss power?

could be bad injectors

What causes to lose engine power on a 92 Honda cvic dx?

A blocked fuel filter could cause the engine to lose power on a 92 Honda Civic DX. Fuel injectors that need changing or cleaning could also be the cause.

What cause lost power when trying to pass someone?

A dirty fuel filter, a dirty air filter, a plugged catalytic converter or it may be just in need of a general tune up.

Why would a 91 integra have power in the on position but no power when you go to start it?

no power in the injectors 95 integra

What's the problem if the engine stalls during deceleration?

A few suggestions, first I would not drive this car until I have had it checked out. losing power can cause hard steering and braking loss. Some of the causes could be a dirty fuel filter and or fuel injectors, some other intermittent causes could be a loose connection on the battery or elsewhere.

What is James' power in twilight?

James is an excellent tracker ; I don't consider it a power but apparently it is.