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  • Drinking 2 percent milk everyday will not cause weight gain. It is very healthy to drink a cup of any milk everyday. The 2 percent milk has the upside of less fat but still contains calcium.
  • No, it will not cause weight gain. I have been dieting for two weeks now, and have been drinking one glass of milk a day before bed. I have lost over 10 pounds. I have not increased my exercise, but I have reduced my portion size at meals, and I have stopped snacking too. Milk has increased my metabolism.
  • You need calcium to maintain a healthy body and bones and milk is an excellent source of calcium. Two percent is a better choice than whole milk. One percent milk is even a better choice than 2% milk. What causes weight gain is not the milk itself, but too many calories going in our bodies and not enough being used or burned up. Every pound of body fat is equal to 3,500 calories stored in our bodies. And these are calories from all the excess food we take in, not just 2% milk.
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2015-07-17 17:34:42
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Q: Will drinking 2 percent milk every day cause weight gain if you are trying to diet?
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