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No, it won't ever. It will do nothing to prevent either girl or boy from producing a child. Use a condom or some other form of Birth Control. This is an old wives' tale. Please use condoms everytime you have sex, and get on some form of birth control (pills, depro provera, etc.) um, NO NO, It helps get marijuanna out of your system, but not sperm. why would it? ya right dont think that it is soooo not true NO, NO, NO, it will not prevent pregnancy. Helps with Diabetes and weight loss though. I can honestly and quite safely say that vinegar won't prevent pregnancy. I like drinking vinegar, always have done, and am happpily 8 weeks pregnant. No, It wont they say it causes more of a risk that you can get pregnant and that if you drink vinegar while you are pregnant it can cause you to have a miscarrage i dont know though so.... anyway and that is a old wives tale and let me guess some people in the world do believe it but they still get pregnant like every time they have sex so please be safe not sorry use condoms and get on birth control if you dont want children at this time

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Q: Will drinking vinegar prevent pregnancy
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Is vinegar used to prevent pregnancy?

Vinegar is not effective at preventing pregnancy.

Can vinegar prevent pregnancy?


Will drinking vinegar prevent diabetes?

Absolutely not.

How does vinegar clean your system?

Vinegar does not "clean your system." it will not help you pass a drug test, stop a pregnancy, or prevent pregnancy after sex.

If you drink vinegar after having un protected sex does it help you not get pregnant?

No, Drinking vinegar will have no effect on pregnancy.

Can drinking vinegar terminate early pregnancy?

No it's perfectly safe.

Will drinking vinegar terminate the pregnancy?

No, but I have heard that it can reduce indigestion and nausea during pregnancy and it can aid in inducing labor!

How much vinegar do you have to drink to prevent pregnancy?

This is an absolute myth. Vinegar *does not* prevent pregnancy at all--it will make your breath smell bad. To prevent pregnancy, you need to take prescribed birth control pills or always have the guy use condoms with spermicide. Birth control + condoms= best idea.

If you're a week pregnant and you drink vinegar will the baby die?

No, drinking vinegar is an old wives tale - it will not stop a pregnancy.

How do you prevent tooth sensitivity when drinking 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water 3 times a day?

We can prevent tooth sensitivity when drinking 2 tbs of apple cider vinegar with 8oz of water 3 times a day?..... by drinking it from a straw.

Can drinking vinegar kill sperm several minutes after it has entered?

No. Vinegar does not work in preventing pregnancy at all, whether you drink it or use it in douching.

Is vinegar safe during pregnancy?

Vinegar is perfectly safe during pregnancy.

How much vinegar must you drink to get rid of a pregnancy?

Vinegar will not terminate a pregnancy.

Does drinking tea prevent pregnancy?

No. There is even recent evidence that drinking tea may improve your chances of getting pregnant!

Can drinking vinegar kill you?

No vinegar can not kill you.

Can drinking vinegar while six months pregnant harm my baby?

NO, it would harm you first. Pickles are a very common craving during pregnancy as the vinegar has a strong clean taste.

Can douching with vinegar stop a pregnancy not prevent it but stop it in it's track?

No. Vinegar will not make you abort and douching will not do it either. If you are pregnant the uterus is closed so nothing goes inside.

Can marijuana prevent pregnancy?

no it can't prevent pregnancy

What is the proper handling of vinegar?

The proper handling of vinegar is smelling the Aroma of the vinegar and also by drinking the vinegar

Is having bragg apple cider vinegar safe to take during pregnancy?

Are you referring to the 'raw' braggs apple cider vinegar? I took braggs raw apple cider vinegar throughout my entire pregnancy. It lowered my high blood pressure, eliminated heart palpitations, & helped w/ digestion & heartburn. Simply mix 1 tbsp in at least 8oz of water, & drink it. Vinegar is a natural antibacterial. So, although the vinegar is raw it won't harbor dangerous bacteria. I had a very healthy baby, & was drinking braggs raw apple cider vinegar for several yrs. prior to pregnancy, during pregnancy, & continue to drink it after pregnancy.

What are the side affects of drinking vinegar?

Drinking loads of vinegar could potentially become problematic. Vinegar is an acid, and with excess consumption and can result in an ulcer in your stomach.

Can vinegar cause a miscarriage at a week?

Vinegar will not harm a pregnancy.

Does female ejaculation prevent pregnancy?

No, orgasm does not prevent pregnancy.

Can bv prevent pregnancy?

BV won't prevent pregnancy.

Vitamins to prevent pregnancy?

Vitamins don't prevent pregnancy.