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yeah females dont usually spawn with males around

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โˆ™ 2009-02-22 03:18:57
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Q: Will female fish lay eggs with no male around?
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Does a female fish have to have a male fish to have eggs?

All female creatures develop eggs with or without a male. The male is only needed to do the fertilizing. So the answer is no.

Do fish come from eggs?

Yes. Most female fish will lay around 50 eggs at a time and the male will fertilize them with his sperm.

Do female fish lay eggs without male?

Yes female Angle can lay their eggs without a male. But the eggs will not be fertile.

Do male or female fish lay eggs?

females lay eggs.

What can grow after a male fish fertilizes the eggs from a female fish?


Can a goldfish lay eggs without a male present?

All fish can lay eggs without a male present. The male and female fish do not meet during reproduction. Eggs are fertilized only once they leave the female's body. The male will come later to fertilize them with his sperm after the female fish has laid the eggs and left

How do fish repreduce?

Most female fish lay eggs. Then the male will cover the eggs with his milt.

What do male and female fish emit when spawning?

The female emits eggs, the male emits sperm.

Do the females fighter fish have eggs in her before she meets the male?

yes the female fighter has eggs before she meets the male, when they meet and do there business the female will release her eggs and the male will fertilise the eggs

Do the male goldfish lay the eggs?

No, no matter what type of fish the female fish lays the eggs and the male fertilizes and protects the eggs after the eggs are layed and also the female that layed the eggs goes away and never comes back.

Do female betta fish lay eggs with no male present?

Female fish just lay eggs and without the fertilizer from the male the embryo in the eggs won't survive long enough to hatch. I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. male betta fish make a nest for the female on top of the water for the female to lay the eggs inside the nest. then the male will fertilize the nest, but the female has to have a nest to lay the eggs.

Do female fish have to have a male in order to lay eggs?


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