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Q: Will full size sheets fit full XL mattress?
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Will twinXL sheets fit a full size bed?

no. Twinxl sheets are designed to fit 38 x 80 mattress; full size bed is 53 x 74.

Will full sheets fit on twin XL mattress?


What size sheets fit 44 x78 RV mattress?

Reg size sheets

Will full size bed sheets fit on a queen bed?

They may, but not very well a queen is bigger than a full, and therefore the smaller fullsize sheets will either not fit at all or only partially fit. is there a bed sheet extension that i can get for full size sheets on a queen size mattress

Would a queen size bed frame fit a full size mattress?

Yes, a full size mattress will fit on a queen size bed frame. It may be just a tad bit smaller than the frame, but not too noticeable. I have a full mattress and use full/queen sheets and bedding all the time.

Does a full size mattress fit in a ford escape?

i am try to put full size mattress in a 2015 ford escape

What is the depth of a king size mattress?

It varies, which is why mattress pads and fitted sheets state that they fit a range of depths.

Can a full size mattress fit on a queen size frame?


Will king size sheets fit a California king mattress?

No. California king mattresses need sheets designated "California King" size.

Will a full size mattress fit in a queen size frame?

of course yes

Will full size sheets fit a queen size bed?

no they wont

Will regular full size sheet fit full memory mattress?

Memory foam or innerspring, a full is still a full. Your mattress will be approximately 54"x75". The only variable is the thickness of the bed. If it is over 12-14" you will need deep pocket sheets.

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