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Will glenfield 60 inner firing parts fit a model 75 glenfield?


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The Glenfield Model 75 was produced from the years 1960 to present. Unfortunately, the Glenfield 60 inner firing parts will not fit a model 75 Glenfield.

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Numrich Arms has a great supply of parts for the Glenfield Model 10.

The Glenfield 22 model 75 is the same as the Marlin 75. It was made for Sears and the parts probably can be obtained from Marlin In New Haven, Connecticut. This site has parts for the Glenfield model 75. I have them.

These are available from Numrich gun parts. Inner tube about $25, outer tube about $15

You should be able to.Your western field model 50 was made for montgomery wards by glenfield/marlin.The model 60 glenfield is the same firearm,and Numrich gun parts corp.should be able to help you.They may be found on the web.

I would seriously start my search at numrich gun parts corp.your gun is a model 60 glenfield that was made for montgomery wards by marlin/glenfield.

Numrich gun parts, look under Marlin/Glenfield parts list

I would first start at numrich gun parts co.they can be found on the web.

We have virtually all the parts for most Marlin models.

The model 41 was made by Marlin it was a Glenfield model10 103 is the sears vender code for Marlin Try Numrich arms in West Hurley NY lists most parts for this rifle

i need the front lense for a glenfiel model 200c riflescope

you can find them here...

SOME parts are available from Numrich (check their website under gunpartscorp) Be advised there is an old and a new model- if in doubt, email them and check. Also SOME parts may be available from Marlin Firearms, the maker of Glenfield rifles.

Marlin Customer Service, or the website for gunpartscorp.

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

I am not 100 % sure, but the research I have done indicates that they were produced from 1978-1984, with 1984 being the last year of production. The Marlin Model 120 is the continuation of the Glenfield 778 with some parts being interchangable.

Try Numrich Gun Parts online

It is the exact same rifle as the Glenfield Model 30A, and yes parts are the same as the Marlin 336. Forearm is the cap style.

Call Marlin Parts and Service, 800-544-8892. You'll need to provide model and serial number. If gun too old, they'll refer to companies that may have older parts.

Tell me where i can buy parts for model 80g.I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.I would also look at under gun parts rifle.Also gun parts can still be purchased at E-bay. helps if you tell us your Model Number.

you should be able to find everything at this site drawings and parts

The Glenfield model 75C is a carbine variant of the Marlin model 60 produced for 1975 to 1992 by th m Mrlin Firearms Company under the name of Glenfield. Differences include shorter 18 inch barrel compared to the Marlin's 20. Length of pull on the Glenfield is shorter. The Glenfield also has a shorter and lower capacity magazine tube. The Glenfield hold 9 shots in the magazine, while current Marlins hold 15. Nearly all parts are interchangeable, and the Glenfield can be converted to modern full sized Marlin 60 specifications if desired.

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