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Will guinea pigs die if you leave them outside during winter?


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On personal experience I would say no, but put the hutch in a sheltered area of the garden and perhaps get something to pull over them at night, for example linoleum. Also, put lots of hay in at night as this acts as an insulator

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No, do not leave them in the frost! They will die if you do.

This depends entirely on where you live. Guinea pigs are sensitive to cold, so you need to only put them outside during the day as the days begin to warm up, and only leave them out at night during the summer. This will vary greatly according to which hemisphere and latitudes you live in.

never leave a dog outside to long

Technically you can't they are considered a pest, leave a bowl of milk outside and attract them to it, but remember that hibernate during winter.

Well, most people like to keep their guinea pigs outside but u should only keep ur guinea pig outside for about 2 to 3 minutes. beware: dont leave a guinea pig unsupervised because if u spray ur yard with ANYTHING BESIDES WATER, it could eat the grass and get VERY sick. Guinea pigs also like the fresh air. Whatever you do, don't leave a guinea pig unsupervised outside or anywhere unless you know that it will be safe.

Yes, open the spigot to drain the water. Note that you should NEVER leave a garden hose hooked to an outside spigot over winter.

no it would be warm inside the fridge

Yes, guinea pigs can play outside, but it is not a very good idea to take a guinea pig outside because many types of birds eat things like guinea pigs and could be hiding in a tree waiting for you to leave your piggy. And also while playing outside guinea pigs could pick up bugs like fleas and ticks. If you keep a close eye on your piggy though, and play on concrete you can have loads of fun outside!! :) Hope this helps!!!

Because there wasn't enough food during the winter

Just watch that the cat doesn't use claws on the guinea pig and don't leave the guinea pig outside the cage unattended and it should be fine

cut it right back before winter hits after the summer bloom and and leave it

As long as the guinea pig has food and water, and is protected from domestic dogs and cats (which can attack a guinea pig), it is fine to leave it for several days. If you plan a holiday, all you need to do is leave instructions with a trusted neighbour for feeding and changing your guinea pig's water. Make sure your guinea pig is well sheltered, and won't get either too hot or too cold during the day.

If you live in a place with cold winters, you have to dig up your dahlias and bring them inside for the winter. If you live in a place where it does not freeze during the winter, you can leave the dahlias outside. However you should mulch the area to protect them. until March when you remove the mulch and replant them.

you should mabey cover it with tree covers I think

No, apple trees are winter-hardy so you can leave Redlove outdoors all year round.

No. Do not under any circumstances leave your domestic guinea pig unattended.

leave it alone they prefer too be alone during birth and they know what too do

leave, i leave it outside

An outdoor table could be left out during winter depending on what it is made of. It is wise to use a table cover for rain and debris protection.

I think that humidity affects the ripening of a banana because if u leave it outside on a hot day it gets all mushy and if u leave it outside on a cold day it just gets really cold and if u put it outside in the winter it can freeze.

This can get very complicated, it depends on if the horses is outside during the day, how much weight it is carrying at the time, if the horse is stabled during the day, and things like that, if you leave your horse outside 24/7 then you really only need to give it a lot of exercise in Spring and Summer, and feed it a slab or two of hay during Autum and Winter. ;)

Not alone they like to run around but you should be in the room with them thing can get in to things and chew on electric wires if they get a hold of them.

They will sometimes go out on their own during the fall after their birth but will frequently stay with the mother over the first winter and leave in the spring.

They can live in or outside. but rabbits should be able to spend a little time outside for exercise. In winter i bring mine in because it gets a bit cold outside but in summer time i leave them out with fresh grass and water:) hope this helps.

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