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Will insurance companies pay for tubal reversal?


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It depends on the policy and what was specifically covered in the terms of the contract, but generally, most policies will not cover a tubal reversal. The tubal was, in the first place, a deliberate action in an effort to prevent a medical condition; yes, pregnancy is a medical condition. By the standards of most insurance companies, it will be effectively impossible to get them to cover reversal of a tubal ligation.

The main issue in determining coverage is whether the procedure is "medically necessary". If it is, according to a physician, there is a better chance of coverage than if it is elective.


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Currently the tubal reversal is not covered through OHIP and most private insurance companies do not cover it.

More than likely the insurance will not pay for it.

No. Very few insurance companies and no state provided insurance covers tubal reversal surgery. It is not deemed a necessary surgery and falls into the elective category meaning that if you want it you will have to pay for it out of pocket. Many fertility specialists have payment plans and there are now companies that give loans for infertility treatments.

No insurance considers it to be a elective surgery to have Tubal Ligation so they wont cover it.

Maine Care does not pay for tubal reversal. Maine Care will provide payment for tubal ligation, but not to reverse the procedure.

If it does not pay for circumcision then no it will not pay for a reversal.

will husky pay for a reversal

yes if you find a doctor that specializes in tubal reversal and performs myomectomys my doctor will do them at same time but i have pay for reversal insurance wont cover it.

No. Insurance will not pay for reversal of a tubal ligation, regardless of the type of insurance or where you are located (within the US, anyway), because it is considered voluntary.

A tubal ligation reversal will vary in cost depending on the doctor's and hospital fees you have this surgery done at. Check with the insurance company, they may pay for some of it.

Sorry to say, you can't purchase any insurance that will cover a tubal reversal. The only way insurance covers it if your employer puts it on your coverage plan.... That's the way understood it. I'm going threw the same thing. Some hospitals and doctors will break their fee in half if you don't have any insurance that's what mine is doing!!!!

In the state of Wisconsin a medical card wouldn't pay for a tubal reversal unless a doctor says it is medical necessary. To see if the surgery is medically necessary talk with a doctor and the insurance company.

Medicaid will pay only for medically necessary care. A tubal ligation reversal is not considered medically necessary for the patient's health and well being. Therefore, it would generally not be covered.

It depends on the plan you are on. Call the benefits office number on the back of your insurance card and ask.

No, most states will not pay for a tubal reversal with a state issued medical card. You can find out more details by calling the customer service number located on the card.

no. they will pay for a ligation but not a reversal. Reversal is an elective surgery. There are centers that offer payment plans though. look

No. Tubal reversal sugery is considered an elective and/or infertillity treament. Most insurances will not cover either.

As of 1996 New York was one of the states that medicaid did cover a tubal reversal. The best way to find out for sure is to talk to an Ob/Gyn.

Might depend on where you live but I doubt they would pay for anything like that.

how to insurance companies pay doctors

Usually not, unless there is a medical need for the surgery, Blue-Cross is not going to pay for it.

Most insurance carriers that are public or government funded will NOT pay for a tubal. It is considered a vanity expense or non medical and therefore you will have to pay out of pocket for it your self. Many sterilizations are also considered vanity or not medically necessary and many insurance companies deny claims. Makes no sense to me since a pack of birth control pills are about 60 dollars a month and after you take that for 12 months a year for let's say 20 years, that's way more than the cost of a tubal ligation is. You can call your doctor and get the CPT code and then call the insurance company and give them that and find out if it is covered and if it is, what the riders are for getting it done.

I seriously doubt it. Tubal reversal is considered a voluntary surgery that is not medically necessary. The only thing you can do is call and ask them, but I am willing to bet they say no. Sorry if that wasn't the answer you were hoping for.

I don't think so that Medicaid pay for tubal reversal but yes you can free consult with Dr.morice in Louisiana. He is providing tubal reversal surgery services in morgan city, Louisiana; Here is contact information: Phone: (985)-702-BABY (2229) Fax (985)-384-0329 Address: 1216 Victor II Blvd, Suite 100, Morgan City, La., 70380

Many insurance companies will not cover tubal surgery unless there is a risk of fatality. To get tubes untied is usually considered an optional surgery and insurance companies might not pay for this type of surgery, but each company is different in what they cover.

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