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Will it damage a petrol engine if you use 30 liters of petrol that you accidentally added three liters of diesel to while in a jerry can?


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2008-12-28 14:01:10
2008-12-28 14:01:10

it would damage the spark plugs and smoke a lot, but the engine in general should be ok, would have to change spark plugs after running tank empty or if having trouble starting.


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I would recommend not running the engine until the fuel is drained. Any amount of petrol/gasoline in a diesel can cause engine or fuel system damage.

Bad things can happen, due not operate the engine until having the fuel tank drianed and clean diesel added.

It will do damage to a diesel engine. Drain the tank and flush the fuel lines. Do not run this engine with unleaded gasoline in the tank.

Nine cubic meters of air is required to burn 1 liter of fuel in a diesel engine. A person does not put liters of air into a diesel engine. Liters of fuel are put into a diesel engine.

Drain all fuel from the tank and fuel lines and put in diesel. Engine damage will occur if you run gas in a diesel engine.

Shouldn't cause any damage! Adding 10% of petrol to diesel fuel was standard practice in sub-zero winters in the days before "winter-grade" diesel. It helps prevent "waxing" where the diesel fuel will turn into something like a soft candle wax at low temperatures. You may notice a slight loss of power until the petrol is out of the system. 4 litres in 40 litres of diesel should not damage your engine, the one thing it will do is give you MORE power as it works a little like a bottle of injector cleaner that you may add to a tank of diesel from time to time. It will cause higher temperature explosions in your combustion chambers and a little more power.

Probably not. This is a very common GM gasoline engine. If it were diesel, it would say diesel somewhere. The diesel engines are 7.3 liters

The engine holds no diesel. The diesel is stored in the fuel tank. Without knowing what make and model car you are talking about it is impossible to provide an answer.

Putting gas in a diesel engine will not be fixed by adding oil. The fuel needs to be drained or pumped out if the mixture is too high. If only a few liters of gasoline were put into a tank of diesel, adding a diesel fuel conditioner could help. Gasoline will damage diesel fuel pumps and injectors because it does not have the lubricating properties of diesel. The fuel pump and injectors need lubrication from the diesel fuel or they will seize up and be destroyed.

how do you convert 1kg of diesel to liters

According to the 2008 Ford F-250 diesel supplement : 15 quarts ( 14.2 liters ) with engine oil filter change on the 6.4 L diesel engine

The largest highway diesel they offer is the ISX, at 14.9 liters.

if it is a 6.0 l diesel engine, it is 15 liters

No , the V10 is a gasoline engine , 6.8 liters / 415 cubic inches

It's a downsized D5, 2.0 liters 5 cylinder diesel engine (instead of 2.4)

Ten liters of diesel fuel will weigh 8320 grams. One liter of diesel fuel weighs 832 grams. Ten liters of diesel fuel weighs about 18 pounds.

I was looking at the 2000 Ford F-250 , 7.3 Diesel Supplement and it shows : With engine oil filter change : ( 14.2 liters / 15.0 U.S. quarts )

There are 1162 liters of diesel oil in a ton. The number of liters in a ton would vary depending on the density of the liquid.

One US gallon of diesel equates to 3.78541178 liters. Also, one Imperial gallon equates to 4.54609188 liters.

5.9 liters or 360 cubic inches There is a V8 gas and an inline 6 diesel.

One US gallon of diesel fuel contains 3.785 liters.

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