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It has 8

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Q: How many liters of engine oil does a Mitsubishi 4d32 diesel engine should have?
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How many liters of engine oil does a Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine should have?

5 liters of diesel engine oil.

How many liters of oil does Mitsubishi canter 4d33 engine should have?


When should the cam belt be changed on a Mitsubishi Triton diesel engine?

The cam belt should be changed on a Mitsubishi Triton diesel engine when it becomes worn down. If it wears down too thin, it can break and cause driving issues.

How many liters of oil for Mitsubishi canter 4m51 engine should have?


What is the difference between Mitsubishi l200 and Mitsubishi l200 Sportero?

at what milage should the diesel filter be changed

What is the specification of Mitsubishi 4d30 engine?

The specifications for a Mitsubishi 4D 30 engine can be obtained at most auto parts stores and Mitsubishi automobile dealerships. A specification engine she should contain over 50 different specifications.

Will it damage a petrol engine if you use 30 liters of petrol that you accidentally added three liters of diesel to while in a jerry can?

it would damage the spark plugs and smoke a lot, but the engine in general should be ok, would have to change spark plugs after running tank empty or if having trouble starting.

What type engine oil for Nissan qashqai 1.5 diesel?

what engine oil should should be used in the 1.5 diesel nissan qashqai? 2010 model

Should the engine shift in a 2000 Mitsubishi Galant?

nope the transmission shifts not the engine

What engine oil do you use for a komatsu skid steer 1020?

That one should be diesel, so any API-CJ4 15W diesel engine oil should suffice.

What oil should you use in a Mitsubishi Triton 2005 2.8 ltr turbo diesel?

Just use a good quality oil that is designed for diesel engines.

Does smoke come from an engine in a train?

Yes, if the the engine is a steam engine or a diesel engine. The diesel engine smoke should be almost invisible when the engine is in good condition. Electric locomotives are not typically called "engines", but these do not produce smoke.

What exactly does diesel engine parts mean?

Diesel engine parts are pieces of equipment used to construct a motor that runs on diesel fuel. This should be relatively self-explanatory, given the phrase.

What engine oil should you use for a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage?

The oil used in a 1999 Mitsubishi mirage is 5W-30. When engine the engine reach more than 150,000 miles switch to partial synthetic will help the life of the engine.

How many units or KVA of electricity can be produced with one liter of diesel?

In a diesel engine connected to a generator with a 23% engine efficiency, 1 liter of diesel should produce nearly 2.7 kilovolt-amperes. More with improved engine efficiency.

What do you do if you put gasoline in your diesel engine?

If you put gasoline in your diesel engine, first be sure to keep the engine turned off. If you have already started the engine, turn it off. Then, drain the fuel tank, remove and replace the fuel filter, and fill the tank with diesel. This should fix the problem.

Can gasoline be used in a diesel engine?

Not well, it's too volatile and would knock ... and the engine would need to be redesigned. No, it should not be used in diesel engine . Gasoline's flash point and other characteristics are completely different to that of diesel. gasoline requires a spark to ignite it and diesel requires compression for it to self ignite.

Does a Ford F-250 diesel have a catalytic converter?

it depends on what year it is and what engine it has in it. if you have the 7.3L diesel then it comes stock without a cat. and if it's a 6.0L diesel then yes it does because it came stock with them. if you have a gas engine then you should diffinitely have one!

Can the diesel fuel day tank be built inside the same room of the diesel engine?

Yes, In general practice the diesel day tank should be mounted on the engine base provided the eclosure or the rooms are properly ventilated.

What weight oil should be used in a diesel engine?


What is the best oil for diesel engine 2006 megane?

Any diesel engine should use any 15-40 weighted oil. Reason being is that because it is the heaviest and thickest engine oil and takes longer to break down due to incresed oil pressure experienced by a diesel engine.

What damage could be done to a diesel engine if four liters of unleaded petrol was accidentally added to 40 liters of diesel?

Shouldn't cause any damage! Adding 10% of petrol to diesel fuel was standard practice in sub-zero winters in the days before "winter-grade" diesel. It helps prevent "waxing" where the diesel fuel will turn into something like a soft candle wax at low temperatures. You may notice a slight loss of power until the petrol is out of the system. 4 litres in 40 litres of diesel should not damage your engine, the one thing it will do is give you MORE power as it works a little like a bottle of injector cleaner that you may add to a tank of diesel from time to time. It will cause higher temperature explosions in your combustion chambers and a little more power.

What mileage would you change the cam belt on a Mitsubishi l200 diesel?

Generally speaking, timing belts should be serviced at 90,000 miles.

What is the Engine life on a Mitsubishi lancer?

With proper regular maintenance, you should be good for 200k miles.

Is there a Dodge diesel engine?

The "Dodge" diesel is actually a Cummins heavy truck engine. With proper maintenance, it should last about 250,000 miles. The injectors will need replacing every 100,000 miles.

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