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Just use a bucket to pour water directly into the bowl and then replace the anti freeze. That way it is only that bowl and not the tank that needs to be dealt with.

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At the radiator or at the coolant resivoir.

In systems that do not have a radiator cap, the coolant is drained by the radiator drain plug. It is filled by adding coolant to the system through the overflow bottle.

vehicle will overheat. just dump the oil and antifreeze , flush engine and refill with clean oil

To change the antifreeze on a Mercedes, locate the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator. Drain the fluid into a pan and refill it.

A 50/50 mix of antifreeze and water is the standard. That protects the vehicle to aprox minus 34 degrees F. If the cooling system was completely drained, including the radiator, engine block and heater, the system would take aprox 11 to 12 qts to refill.

If you didn't get it warm after the work and then refill the tank - the system was probably closed when you filled it. It's possible once the thermostat opened (or just as the coolant leaked past), the fill you gave was used as it filled the system past that point.

Do not run the engine. You need to drain out the fluid antifreeze mixture.You can then refill the power steering fluid.

Drain coolant. Refill with correct water anti freeze mix

Pull your lower radiator hose, replace it when all fluid is out, and refill it.

I assume you are referring to a fixed leak in the cooling system. In that case, add a solution of 50% antifreeze and 50% water to refill the system.

Not antifreeze, that is special oil for the ac compressor with some dye in it to help trace refrigerant leaks.

The 2004 Avalanche 1500 (with the 4L60E transmission) has a refill capacity of 5.0 quarts. The 2004 Avalanche 2500 (4L80E transmission) has a refill capacity of 7.7 quarts.

A 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water.

Either at the top of the radiator or fill through the coolant recovery tank

If the block and radiator are drained, it will take approximately 4 gallons to refill.

A whipped cream charger is filled with nitrous oxide. To refill a charger one would use a nitrous oxide canister. This is the only way to refill a whipped cream charger.

Ink refill kits are used to refill cartridges for your printer ink. It is a less expensive way to keep your cartridges filled. I do not know where you live so can't help you find them in your local mall.

=To properly flush the antifreeze on a 2002 Yukon you will need a antifreeze vacume system you will need to start the car and have it running turn on all the heating modules to high and have the car reved at about 1.5 r.p.m, or a little higher to activate the vaccume this will start sucking the old antifreeze out. When the radiator is empty{you will know when it is empty because there will be no more antifreeze coming out}you can then fill it up with half and half antifreeze[half water half antifreeze].=

Chlorine, muriatic acid, conditioner, good test kit as a minimum.

Depends on the amount. If you Spilled in a little its not ideal but it won't be catastrophic but if you filled it it won't dissipate heat properly and you car could over heat. I would keep an eye on the temperature gauge and if it looks abnormally high just drain it rinse it out and refill it with part antifreeze and part distilled water (refer to the chart on the rear of the bottle) or better yet take it in to your technician and have them do it

Bring your vehicle to a garage is what I would do so you can let it thaw and refill it with antifreeze because there must be water in the radiator

make sure the hot tub is fully drained. plug the hot tub and start filling the tub with a hose. it works best to use one eighth antifreeze but make sure you mix it with the water. the water level should be right above your highest jet. The above answer is not to be taken seriously. Never put antifreeze in a hot tub. (why would you anyway since the water is heated). To find out how to correctly fill a hot tub see the website below.

Try going to a used in store in your area. They can be filled for a fraction of retail cost

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