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Will it hurt your car if you keep changing gears while at highway speeds?


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rapidly changing gears in anything will hurt the vechicle but not slowing down will not

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They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.They "reset" while driving at highway speeds.

spyder gears allow the rear or front wheels to rotate at different speeds wich is what wheels do while turning, the wheels travel at dif speeds

Depends on the make and model of the bike. Some motocross bikes have 4 gears while most of the cross country thumpers are 5 or 6 speeds.

Automatic trans I take it, sounds like you may need to rebuild or replace soon. The gears could be warn and are starting to slip

Inhibitor switch reduces engine power to avoid shock while automatic transmission changing gears

There is no need for the fan to run while traveling at highway speed. There is plenty of air flowing through the radiator at high speeds to keep the system cool. The only time it will work at highway speeds is when the A/C is on.

Could be many reasons such as bad alternator, or bad fuel pump.

The "lockup torque converter" could be engaging too soon. Take it to a transmission shop to have it diagnosed.

You probably have something wrong with your engine, or brakes. You should really have that checked.

Helical gears are stronger than spur gears.

The instantaneous safety gears are used for a sudden stop while the progressive safety gear is used for the speeds that are in excess of 1.0m/s.

Several hundred people die each year while changing tires by the roadside - either because they didn't set up the jacks correctly or because they were hit by traffic.

I assume you are referring to a manual transmission. Grinding while changing gears is an indication of a synchronizer going bad. Until you get it fixed, try double clutching when shifting.

No idea to be honest, but i have a 95 Corsica with a similar problem that will turn the Service engine light on after a while of driving highway speeds, or after reaching highway speeds and slowing down again. After getting the code read i found out it was for the EGR valve sensor. Basically meaning that its positioning fine at normal in town driving but not working as it should at higher speeds. Again i can't assure you this is a positive solution but i would recommend running your car as you would normally get on the highway and then while the light stays on going to AutoZone (They will run service engine soon checks for free) or a mechanic you trust. hope this helps.

The differential is an assembly of gears located between the drive axles. It's purpose is to allow the drive wheels to move at different speeds while maintaining power to both. This lessens tire wear and improves handling.

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Depends on your speed. At highway speeds its about two minutes, while in a city center during rush hour this could easily take 20 minutes or more. As a rule of thumb we can use 1 km = 1 minute for average speeds (includes both portions of highway and traffic lights). 4 km is about 2.5 miles, so you could walk this in less than an hour.

Yes. The road bikes and MTBs have multiple gears while the BMX and track bikes only have one.

A baulk ring is a gearbox / transmission component commonly found in most modern car gearboxes. It is a mechanism which helps ensure that gear changes are smooth and quiet by preventing the gears from being engaged until both components coming into contact are travelling at the same speed. The synchro cone is the component which actually speeds up or slows down the gears before they are engaged while the baulk ring stops the engagement taking place until the speeds match.

Cars work best when the motor is turning at medium speed - not too fast or too slow. Changing gears allows the motor to keep turning in the same speed range, while the car goes from very low speeds to highway speeds. When two gears mesh together (so that one gear turns the other), they have what's called a "gear ratio", which is the number of teeth on one gear divided by the number of teeth on the other. When the gear that is connected to the motor (the "driving" gear) has few teeth, and the gear that is connected to the wheels (the "driven" gear) has many teeth, then the wheels turn slowly but with a lot of power. That's for going uphill or going faster. When the driving gear has many teeth and the driven gear has few, then the wheels turn much faster, but now it's much harder to climb a hill or to speed up. A car transmission (also called a "gearbox") has a number of gears that can be put together in different combinations, to create different gear ratios; or even to change the direction of rotation so the wheels can go in reverse, although the motor keeps turning the same way.

I had the same problem and then my alternator went out. Replaced alternator and haven't had the problem since. Check your belts.

While Redbox does carry both movies and games, it does not currently carry Gears of War 3.

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