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Yes it should. I would also mention that the bra straps cut into your skin as well. Anthing to help your case.

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Q: Will medicaid cover a breast reduction and lift due to back pain?
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Does the veterans affairs hospital cover breast reduction?

Veterans Affairs will cover breast reduction only if the breasts are so large that they interfere with the persons daily living or they cause back pain. Even under these conditions it will be very difficult and time consuming to convince the medical board that breast reduction surgery is necessary.

Why is breast reduction sought?

Women seek breast reduction for relief of pain in the back, shoulder, and neck

Will breast reduction surgery really help fix my back pain?

Multiple breast reduction surgery patients have had relief to back with breast reduction surgery. This web address , , will help if you have more questions.

Can breast get back large after having a baby and already had breast reduction?

I asked my breast reduction surgeon's assistant this question and she said that yes breasts may become large again after having a baby even if you already had a breast reduction.

Will Medicare pay for breast reduction?

Yes, but you have to have a referral from a dr. You have to have a medical condition supporting a breast reduction. Such as back problems, indentions in the shoulders from your bra strap.

Does breast reduction ease back pain?

Breast reduction surgery could ease your back pain if that is what is causing the pain to begin with. You should consult your family doctor first, and this site will give you more information

Can Insurance cover Breast reduction if you have serious back problems keeping you from working?

Yes, that is one of the very few (if not only) cosmetic surgeries medical insurance covers.

Will insurance cover breast reduction surgery?

Some insurance companies do cover breast reduction surgery. You have to contact your insurance provider and ask for details or if you go to your family doctor/chiropractor they can let you know your options and write you referrals for the insurance company. I had reduction surgery and my insurance (Blue Sheild PPO) covered all of the costs for the reduction, both my chiropractor and surgeon wrote letters of recommendation along with pictures to back up their reasoning. I would contact your provider or doctor and go from there.

Is breast reduction surgery considered elective when you have great difficulty breathing and sever back pain?

yes because large breast can be very hard on your back

My back and breast hurt what does that mean?

It means your breasts are too big for your body. Talk to your doctor about having plastic surgery for breast reduction.

Who are candidates for breast reduction?

Women with very large breasts (macromastia, or mammary hyperplasia) seek breast reduction for relief of back, shoulder, and neck pain. They may also feel uncomfortable about their breast size and have difficulty finding clothing that will fit properly.

What is the purpose of a bilateral breast reduction?

The main purpose of a bilateral breast reduction is to reduce the adverse effects that having large breasts can cause. The more common issues that one may suffer are neck and back pain.

Why do beart grow large?

Heredity and fat will do it. Large breasts can be a load on the back, and cause pain there. There is a breast-reduction surgery that can reduce breast size.

Has Sandra Lee had breast reduction surgery?

no. she just sometimes wears them tied up behind her back.

Has Dolly Parton had a breast reduction?

Yes, after years of back problems Dolly decided to go ahead with it.

What might be the reason for one undergoing a breast reduction surgery?

One of the main reasons one may wish to undergo breast reduction surgery is that their breasts are causing a strain on their back. This may be very uncomfortable and cause distress.

Your breast are large and want to reduce them with exercises?

Breasts are mostly fatty tissue, so dieting and general weight loss tends to reduce breast size some. Apart from that there are no particular exercises that will target breast reduction. If they're large to the point of back trouble you might be able to get breast reduction surgery on your health insurance.

Do your breast still have pain after a reduction?

Yes, you are suppose to have some pain in your breasts after having a reduction. It is suppose to take up to a year to get all your feelings and nerves back to how they were, but by having a reduction, you took a risk that you might have pain.

Will Medicare cover breast reduction and lift due to back pain?

Contact the benefits department, I know many health insurance companys have paid for this surgery, of course your physician would have to say it was not simply cosmetic, but a medical necessity.

Where can I find more information on breast reduction?

There are several health sites, but make sure you visit your doctor and talk with him/her about your procedure. Unless you have huge breast and have back pain its not worth it.

Where do you pay back for Medicaid?

There is no requirement to repay Medicaid. However, if you wish to do so, contact the Medicaid agency.

What insurance do you have to get that would approve breast reduction?

The size of your breasts must have a negative effect on your health. ie bad back,hampered breathing.

If you qualify for medicaid will you get back money taken out of medicare before qualification?

You are not required to pay back Medicaid or Medicare.

Will tricare pay for breast reduction?

Tricare MAY cover a breast reduction if they deem it medically necessary due to medical conditions such as neck and back pain, rashes, shoulder grooves, numbness, etc. You must first get an approval for a referral to a plastic surgeon covered by tricare. Then, the plastic surgeon must submit photos and a recommendation report to Tricare. They will then review it and either approve or deny the procedure or request additional information before making a decision.

Will breast reduction make your breasts firmer?

Many things can be done with women's breasts these days. It's best to talk to the plastic surgeon and if that's what you want and can pay for it then yes, it can be done. Also if you are heavy breasted this can lead to back problems as I am sure you are aware of so a breast reduction would be to your best interest.