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No. Medicare coverage is very limited outside the USA and its territories.

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Q: Will my medicare cover my medical expenses in Northern Ireland?
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What government program pays for medical expenses for citizens over 65?


What is a medicare supplemental plan?

Medicare is medical insurance that the government provides at age 65- but it does NOT cover all medical expenses. A Medicare Supplement plan is additional insurance that you buy from a private company that will cover the medical expenses that Medicare does not cover.

Can deduction taken for medicare 96.40 be reimbursed by own medical insurance?

No. Medical insurance covers medical expenses, not insurance premiums.

Is acupuncture covered by Medicare?

No. Acupuncture is NOT covered by Medicare. Medicare considers it an umproven treatment and specifically says it is an out of pocket expense for Medicare recipients

Can you get durolane in northern Ireland on south of Ireland prescription?

not if you are using the general medical services (NHS in Northern Ireland), but if you have a private prescription from your GP there is no problem

Is it necessary to have Medicare if you already have veterans medical benefits?

Medicare is used by the VA to keep their own medical care expenses down. When a veteran eligible for medicare is under their care, the VA will bill Medicare to help ensure all veterans can be taken care of adequately. If you are eligible for medicare, apply to help the VA maintain high quality medical care for other vets.

What has the author Kal Waller written?

Kal Waller has written: 'How to recover your medical expenses' -- subject(s): Cost of Medical care, Health Insurance, Medicare

Medicare payment for care while away from US?

I incurred medical expenses while on island of St. Barthelemy. Can I be reimbursed for these bills?

What are the best medical health insurances?

Some of the best medical health insurances out there are Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid. Depending on your annual income, you can opt for options that will take care of your medical expenses including prescriptions.

Is Lasik eye surgery covered by medicare or the VA?

Lasik eye surgery is typically not covered by Medicare, the VA or any traditional health benefit plan. If your expenses exceed $1500 then you may be able to get a small tax break, though via the Medical Expenses Tax Credit Offset.

Does medicare cover non-emergency medical transportation?

it is not a medical necessity medicare will not pay

Why would someone choose to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Standard Medicare only covers about 80% or medical expenses such as doctors visits and prescriptions. Medicare Supplemental Insurance, or "Medigap", will cover that last 20%. For those heading into retirement years, when medical expenses seem to increase at the same time as one moves into a fixed or declining income, this supplemental insurance can provide peace of mind while also preventing one from eating into retirement savings after an unanticipated fall or illness.

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