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Will people become gods?



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Christianity Answer

According to Christianity: There has been only one God, and there will never be another God, for the Original is perfect. Contrary to popular opinion, people cannot become gods, though we can be the next best thing. How? Well, we as people have souls, unlike plants and animals, so should we accept God's Son, Jesus Christ, as our Saviour, we will be like the angels when we leave this planet, because this life is nothing compared to the life to be had in God's heaven.

Christian Answer (2)

As far as this earth and we humans are concerned, there is only one God, which is our Father in Heaven. Christ, His first born of all His spirit children and also His first born of men, will go on to become like His father, that of a God.

We to are the offspring of God, His spirit children just like Christ, though born into mortality of earthly parents. If Christ can go on to become a God, creating His own worlds, then is it not possible that we, also His children may have the potential to become like God?

Who knows what we will do when all of this earth passes away, when we will return to that reward which we have earned for ourselves. Some to go where God dwells, others into lesser kingdoms (Mansions). What further education will we receive in Gods kingdom. This earth life is but a test to see if we will obey all of Gods commandments. Who can say that out of the billions of Gods children there are not some who will have the potential to become as God is?

Non-Christian Answer

Some eastern religions believe that the soul is a spark of God and as such is equal to God. They believe that by living a righteous humanitarian life their soul at the death of their body merges with the consciousness of their God and as a result they become God or one with God. No religion is more authentic than any other and no theology is superior to any other. The supreme God Krishna of the Hindus told his beloved devotee Arjuna that he (God) embodied himself upon the earth to show all of mankind the way back to finding oneness with himself as Parameshwar. The God Krishna told Arjuna that the devotees of the different Gods (aspects of divinity) of whom he is the ultimate, goes to their respective deities at the time of death and that his devotees comes to him.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

(Mormons) The Mormons teach that faithful Mormon men who marry in the temple will in time become gods of their own worlds, and with their wives will populate those worlds. They teach that the deity of the Judeo-Christian bible (Jehovah/Yahweh) was once a man, and ascended to godhood by the same method. I believe they consider Adam to be the man who ascended to become Jehovah/Yahweh. Probably the material supporting these claims comes from the Book of Mormon. Any supporting arguments from the bible would seem weak from the standard Christian perspective. The Mormons do accept biblical teaching, but only insofar as the bible has been correctly preserved and translated. They believe that much of the bible has been corrupted and/or mis-interpreted. The passages in the Judeo-Christian scriptures that teach one and only one God are reconciled with Mormon beliefs by the general teaching that "Jehovah/Yahweh is the only God with which we [humans on earth] have to do." There are countless other gods, but NOT as far as we are concerned.

Another answer from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The LDS Church believes that those who make it to Heaven, Mormon or otherwise, will have the opportunity to become Gods and Goddesses. To create their own worlds and populate them with people, much like God has done on this world. Adam is considered the first man on the earth per LDS teachings but is in no way Jehovah. The LDS Church does believe the Bible as long as it is translated correctly with the belief that the King James version is the most correct. This belief is strong enough that the LDS Church spends quite a bit of time in Church covering the Bible and the contents therein. The LDS Church does not believe in a vengeful God but a loving God who wants us to be tried and learn from our mistakes and repent through Jesus Christ, eventually entering Heaven to be with God and our families forever.

Jewish answer:

No, people will not become gods.