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NO unless it was used in a salt water pool even then it is unlikely that it would do any harm in most situations.

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Does waster water from chlorine pool harm plants and trees?


Is algaecide added to slat water pool when filter is on?

Adding algaecide to the pool when the filter is on should not do any harm in fact it should mix it into the water more quickly

Can you run a pool filter with a solar cover on?

Yes, so long as there is water getting to the filter it wont do any harm to have the cover on.

Will salt water system harm a stainless steel pool filter?

Yes, it will rust the steel

Will the spray from your saltwater pool cleaner harm your plants?

I don't think there is such a thing as a "SALTWATER POOL CLEANER". You may have a pool cleaning device that works in either a salt pool or a standard no salt pool.

What plants will survive around a pool?

As long as your plants are not in the pool or too close for getting wet with splashing,any plant will be fine but always take consideration when it comes to leaves and flowers falling in the pool,it can stain the pool's flooring so just be considerate to your pool guy and your pocket when choosing your plant.

Can you use pool back wash water for plants?

No, the chlorine will infect the plant

The saltwater pool next door is draining on your property will this harm your plants or the soil?

Yes it could, The correct answer should be probably not , but some plants and grass are extremely sensitive to salt and chlorine. The concentration of salt on a salt water pool is about the same as that in tears and the chlorine disipates very rapidly there is very litle chance that this will harm your plants or soil.

Your pool filter is blowing green back in to pool?

Change your filter

Do you set your filter to backwash to clean pool?

Setting the filter to backwash cleans the filter, running your pump to filter cleans the water in the pool. Brushing the walls of your pool cleans the walls of your pool... and so on.

How do you chlorinate your pool with a sand filter?

You don't . You chlorinate the pool with chlorine . You filter the water with a sand filter.

What is the difference between indoor pool filter and an outdoor pool filter?

There is no diference. There are different types of pool filters, but it has more to do with how they filter then their application or location.

Can saltwater pool harm you?


What are small tears in the filter of your pool?

They are probably a sign that it is time to replace the filter of your pool.

Does pool backwash kill grass?

with a normal pool it should not do any harm However if you have a sodium chloride saltwater pool you may end up with a build up of salt that can harm the soil and plants. On the other hand if you have the new salt system that used Magnesium ans potasium chloride then its good for the lawn.

Do you leave the solar pool cover on an above ground pool while the pool filter is running?

Yes, the solar pool cover does not effect the filter.

Does Saturn have enough gravity to hold water in a pool or grow plants?

what happens when a plant does not have enough water?

How often should I clean my pool pump?

The cleaning schedules varies from filter to filter, but a general guideline on any swimming pool filter is to take a reading when the filter is clean, then clean the pool filter when the pressure rises about 10 psi.

Where does the water come from when backwashing a pool filter?

From the pool

Difference of a pool skimmer and pool filter?

A pool skimmer is generally built into the side of or around the top of a swimming pool in order to skim debris from the surface of the water. A pool filter is built into the plumbing in order to filter fine debris from the water itself.

Pool sand filter is making your pool green?

The sand filter wont make a pool green this happens a s a result of algae.

Is Salt filter better than DE filter for pool?

Salt is not a filter, it is added to pool water to allow a chlorine generator to operate.

How long should pool filter run?

i have a intex pool 12x 30 uses filter size A how long should i run the filter for

Why does my pool filter blow dirt into the pool?

I assume you have a sand filter if so you most likely have broken laterals in your filter. A lateral should allow water through but not sand. if you have a DE filter and you are getting what appears like sand in the pool, you have one or more of the filter grids that have holes and the DE is passing through the filter grids back to the pool.

Pool Filter?

form_title=Pool Filter form_header=Pool service professionals are available to help you with all of your pool filtration needs. Are you having problems with the filtration system of your pool?*= () Yes () No Do you need a pool filter installed?*= () Yes () No Is your pool above ground or in ground?*= () Above ground () In ground Is your pool a chlorine or salt water pool?*= () Chlorine () Salt water