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Official documentation is not relevant. Check out

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Q: Will pregnancy be a pre-existing condition even if it is not officially documented prior to obtaining insurance?
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Does there have to be a diagnosis to be considered a preexisting condition?

According to my insurance company if you have seen a doctor about the condition it is preexisting.

Is premature birth a preexisting condition?

No, premature birth is not at all a preexisting condition. Premature birth becomes imminent when the doctor thinks the condition of both mother and child would be safe to allow premature birth. In this way it will not be considered as a preexisting condition while applying for Medical insurance.

What is the meaning of pre existing?

Preexisting means something that already exists, or exists before this point. For example a preexisting condition in relation to medical insurance is an illness that you have before you take out the insurance.

If a patient is diagnosed with a disease before the effective date of the insurance plan is?

preexisting condition

How do you use preexisting in a sentence?

The health insurance wouldn't pay as it was a pre-existing condition.

What is the definition of a preexisting condition?

The diseases which already existed at the time of taking the health insurance policy are attributed as preexisting condition. The Health Insurance Co. is at liberty to cancel your claim forthwith if it is proved that you contacted any such disease after taking the policy.

Would abnormal pap smear be a preexisting condition?

Under the Affordable Care Act, "preexisting conditions" are no longer a barrier in health insurance. Abnormal pap smears will not affect future insurance.

Does a preexisting condition matter with no exam life insurance?

You will have to fill out a questioneer and disclose your condition. Your prexisting conditions do indeed matter.

Is cancer consider pre existing?

If you try to get health insurance and you have cancer, it is considered a preexisting condition.

Is diabetes a preexisting condition?

Diabetes isn't a preexisting condition in terms of health or life insurance, but generally results in a rate-up or a decline, depending on whether or not you are taking oral medications or getting an insulin shot.

Is having a heart cathetor test considered pre existing condition?

Tests, of any kind, are not included in the definition of preexisting condition. You have to be given a definitive diagnosis from that testing in order to have a preexisting condition. If by having a heart cath test, it was determined that you did not need to have one placed, then you do not have a preexisting condition. For example, you may have an MRI/CAT Scan and then a PET Scan to determine if you have cancer, but if they find you do not have cancer, then you are not diagnosed with a condition, therefore cannot considered preexisting. I should add that, generally if a Dr. wants to evaluate for a heart cath, then you currently have or have had issues with your heart in the past. This may be something like a high percentage blockage, irregular heart beat, thickening of the lining around your heart, etc. This would be considered a preexisting condition and future insurance companies may determine that any intervention needed on your heart would be preexisting. However, insurance companies usually have a preexisting time frame (generally 12 or 24 months) in which a condition is no longer consider preexisting. For example, if you were diagnosed with a heart condition 13 months ago and the insurance company you are planning on joining policy is a 12-month limit on pre-existing conditions, then you are in the clear and the preexisting condition clause does not apply to you.

Does insurance cover foundation repairs?

It might and it might not. It depends on what scope of coverage you purchased and if it was a preexisting condition or not.Contact your insurer or your insurance agent for clarification of your coverage.

Does optical insurance cover disposable contact lenses?

If you were to purchase optical insurance, you would have to pay an increased rate for a preexisting condition. However, the optical insurance would cover the cost of of the lenses.

Is an ovarian cyst considered a preexisting condition if it has dissolved on its own months prior to being enrolled in an insurance plan?

An ovarian cyst would not be considered a pre existing condition. You should have no problem getting an insurance plan.

In Texas can insurance companies reject patients with preexisting conditions?

Any Health Insurance company can reject anyone with a pre existing condition. Look for another Health Insurance company if you are rejected by one.

Are mamagrams considered pre existing condition?

No, a mammogram is a test used to check for breast cancer, it is not a condition at all. Preexisting conditions are medical conditions you had prior to entering a health plan such as hypertension or diabetes.A mammogram is a test, not a condition as stated. To deny someone medical insurance stating that the mammogram they had was a preexisting condition is just a way these health insurance plans try to reduce the amount they have to pay on claims only wanting you to pay into them.

How long do you have to wait for a second normal pap smear to obtain medical insurance?

Since the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") there are no longer "preexisting condition" restrictions allowed on health insurance. A history of an abnormal pap smear should not affect your ability to get insurance. If it is, contact your state's Department of Insurance for information.

Is prostate cancer considered a preexisting condition?

If you have prostate cancer and you then apply for health insurance, it would be a pre-existing condition. Pre existing meaning that you have it prior to some other action.

Does health care insurance have to cover preexisting illnesses?

Some Health insurances cover preexisting illness.

Can you get individual health insurance if you have a preexisting condition?

Yes, though it is hard. Also, preexisting conditions vary, as far as definition, from one company to another. While it is easier to get coverage through an employer, you are able to get it via a private company.

Is a genetic condition considered a preexisting condition?

Yes, if it was known prior to coverage. If you have had continuous insurance since the genetic condition was known and there was no lapse in coverage (or the lapse was short enough), care for that condition will be covered by your new insurer, per HIPAA.

What are the benefits of getting Gap Medical Insurance?

Gap health insurance can be beneficial if a preexisting condition exists. It is also helpful in the event of emergencies during which for whatever reason health coverage has lapsed.

Does most health insurance companies provide insurance to injuries that Occurred before having insurance?

Usually not preexisting injuries, but if you had a disease they would. such as diabetes. Answer Group insurance policies can only exclude preexisting conditions for 12 months, 18 months for a late enrollee. And not at all if you have prior "creditable" coverage. For more info use this link: In most states you are not going to be able to obtain individual (non group) coverage with a preexisting condition. Don

Is there an insurance company for pregnant dogs?

There is an insurance company for vet services, but it is pretty expensive. I tried it once and dropped it. Not sure if they would cover a dog with a "preexisting condition." Call your vet they have the forms for the company.

Is it possible to get health insurance with a preexisting condition?

If you are being offered a health plan through a company there should be no preexisting condition requirements. If you are going through another company when you lost your job there may be problems getting insurance. You should contact different companies to see, but the new health care bill should protect you. This site has more information: