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Are you sure it is a antifreeze leak? If so ,stop leak will not help heater core leaks.But make sure that is the problem.

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Q: Will prestone stop leak work in a 94 bretta with a v6 small leak steaming up windshield on drivers side only thanks bobp?
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I`ve had that happen with my Beretta. Check coolant level, may be low. Also water pump seal leaking.Answerbretta's and any other car with the early model 3.1 or 2.8 engines are prone to headgasket failure a thermostat with a reading that isn't constant is a first sign have ur radiator pressure tested to find out if u have a headgasket leak Answeralso the radiator could have a leak in it or a hose maybe cracked Answerthe others are probably right but mabye your thermostat is sticking.