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Standard R-134a coolant will damage an R-22 coolant system because they are chemically different. They also have different characteristics for pressure and freezing point.

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Can R134A be added to a R22 system?

No R134a is used only the cars, and R22 is only used for home central ac system. If you would like more information about R134a you can log on to

Can you mix r134a with r22?

sorry, no.

Can you mix r134a freon with r22 in a heatpump?


Can you mix r134a freon with r22 in a heat pump?


Can you use 134 freon in soda machines?

No use R22. R134A is for automotive applications.

Can the same lubricant oil be used for r12 r22 r134a co2 refrigerant in refrigerator?


What kind of refrigerant does a Toyota Corolla use?

After 1992- r134A Before 1992- R22 but it need to be retrofitted for R134 if it hasn't been done already. It is ILLEGAL to use R22 in autos.

What kind of refrigerant does a 1993 Plymouth Acclaim use that has a service valve on the compressor that looks like a tire valve?

if the cap is green, your ac system uses R22 coolant. If it's PINK, then it uses R410a coolant

Can r22 and 22a be mixed in system?


What type of refrigerator fluid does a house cooler use?

There are so many Refrigerants in use that there is no way to answer this question. Best guess R22 or R134A

Can you put R22 in your empty R134 system?

NO ! and Why?

Is air-conditioning gas toxic?

Depends on what type of AC system it is. Some AC systems use water, which, of course isn't. The ones which use HFC and CFC refrigerants (R12, R134a, R212, R22, etc.) are, however.

How do you determine if charge is correct using R22?

the things that must be considered when charging the system with R22; R404;R134;R507;R406

Can R22 be used in a R12 system?

No, R22 is for refrigerators and home AC. It runs at a different pressure and you can't use one for the other.

R134a or R600a refrigerant in home refrigerators. which is more environmentally friendly or hurts ozone depeltion and global warming lesser?

R600a or Isobutane is better for the environment, but it is very flammable. I don't see is ever being used in the USA. It also use up to 20% less electricity in properly designed systems compared to R12 and R134a. In other countries R600a used in small refrigerators, in small amounts of around 50 grams. R134a is being replaced in automotive use for a refrigerant called R1234yf. R134a does cause global warming and that's why the EPA wants to replace it. I don't see R134a going away anytime soon, but the new R1234yf comes at a cost. It's very expensive and when put into an 134a system the capacity will be lowered (less cooling). Right now R22 (for home A/C) is being replaced by R410a. It's better for the environment, but it's expensive. If your getting a R22 system replaced it will be a 410 system. It requires all the copper lines to be replaced. If you still have a 22 system and it needs to be worked on, then it will cost more to repair. The cost of R22 use to be $70 per 30 lbs. right now it's almost $400 per 30lbs. This cost just get passed on to the customer. It forces people to change out old systems.

Can you top off r22 with r22a?

No the whole system need to be evacuated of the r22 before you put r22a in the system. It's against the law to mix 2 different freons together and also dangerous.

Do home air conditioners use the same refrigerants as those in cars?

No. They use R22 or R410A. Cars use R12 (before 1993) and R134A (after 1993). You cannot mix them together.

Why wont R-22 work in a R-12 ac system?

The simple answer is that an R12 system wasn't designed for R22. There are different pressures reached, there are different compressor oils used, and R22 may not even be compatible with a compressor designed for R12. Changing an R12 system to R22 could be done, but it would require extensive conversion, and would still be undesirable - R22 is being phased out, largely because it's a carcinogen and because of the harsh environmental effects.

Can you mix R22 134A R502 freon?

Not unless you like the idea of destroying your AC system.

Can you mix 410 freon with r22 freon?

Absolutely not ... R410 operates at much higher pressures than R22, and mixing would do nothing but contaminate both refrigerants (and possibly mess up your system)

What kind of Freon do you use in a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

my 1993 Toyota corolla was r12 but i converted it to a r134a easily all you have to do is change the fittings and flush out the system i don't even know if you can get r12 anymore all shops would suggest converting your system. You need to have the system evacuated of the R22 at a licensed A/C repair facility that can disposed of the R22 correctly. Best bet is to have the a/c experts do the conversion. It is more than just changing fittings because the dryer needs to be replaced with one compatible to the new R134. If this is not done, the A/C system can possibly explode from the difference in pressures between the two different types of refrigerant. And the A/C will not work correctly.

Can you mix R134 with R22?

If you are referring to automotive refrigerant, the answer is no. Neither refrigerant will work properly if mixed and might damage the compressor or other components.

Is R12 compatiable with R22?

You cannot mix R22 with R12 - azeotrope blend will be formed.

Where can I buy R22 refrigerant?

i need to buy R22 in toronto. Is anybody selling it in toronto?

Can you buy r22 freon from walmart?

Wal-Mart do not have r22 freon, this is a false ad.

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