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yes it will but its very small an you cant even see it unless you really look close i have one cause i pierced my nose at home and it was the wrong place so i took it out and then did it profesionly but i do have a really small scare there. yes. that's how it goes. you get a nose ring- you'll have a scar

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Does nose piercing leave a scar?

Depends if you nose piercing hole is huge and who pierced it, with there ability, how many times they have pierced noses, but there might be a small scar.

Does a Monroe piercing leave a scar?

sure it does. How badly you scar depends on how long you have the piercing, how well it healed and how badly you personally scar.

Will a nose piercing close scar or stay open if you decide you do not want it anymore?

A nose piercing, should you no longer want to have it, will usually heal itself and present a scar afterwards.

Does a nose piercing leave a scar?

Everybody heals differently, but it is likely that you will be left with a little dot that will look like a slightly large pore.

Will removing an eye piercing leave a scar?

Very possibly. Some people scar worse than others. Often, you'll see a tiny scar for a while but it will fade gradually over time until it is barely noticeable.

Will an eyebrow piercing leave a scar?

Yes, eyebrow piercings do leave a scar. However, most scars do fade over time.

How do you heal nose piercing red scar n bump?

Salt water and do not touch it. Try bio oil for the scar.

Once you take your nose ring out will it leave a scar?

It will leave a hole just like a pierced ear, if you consider that a scar.

What could it mean if you have a bump on your nose piercing?

If its an old piercing its most likely scar tissue, if its a new piercing its most likely getting infected and there is pus in the bump.

What is the affect of piercing in the eyebrow?

It can get infected easily. It has a high chance of rejection which will leave a scar.

Will a labret piercing leave a scar?

Yes, labret piercings do leave a scar. Depending on the person, some are more obvious than others. In time, most scars fade.

Is there a way to clear the scar on your nose piercing?

Yes quit using whatever you are using to clean the piercing and just rinse the piercing under running water after your shower daily. Do not put anything else on the piercing and the lump and scar will go away after 3 or more weeks of just water rinsing.

Does a lip piercing leave a mark after it closes up?

Yes, it does but it leaves a fairly small scar.

Will you get a hole in your eyebrow or scarring if you get an eyebrow piercing?

An eyebrow piercing is a hole in your eyebrow. So long as you leave the jewellery in the piercing until it's fully healed the formation of scar tissue will not happen because the body is forming skin not scar tissue.

How long does it take for a scar from a nose piercing to go away?

it may never go away, just like any other scar. to reduce scarring you can use scar reduction cream (mederma, ect)

Will a piercing scar if you have only had it three months?

As long as there is jewellery in the piercing the piercing will not scar, it will form new tissue that makes up the piercing. If the jewellery is removed before the piercing is allowed to heal completely this tissue will join together and form scar tissue.

Does lip piercing scar?

Well its not necessarily that they scar, but its almost as if the hole where the piercing was never goes away. Yes the hole closes, but you can still see where the piercing was.

Where is Amy Lee's scar?

She has a scar from her eyebrow piercing on her left eyebrow.

When you get a corset piercing keep it in for a couple of days and then take them out does it scar?

Yes it does scar.

Removing lip piercing?

I recommend you remove the piercing, & clean the site everyday to ensure no dirt can get trapped. within a few days the hole will close.* *You will most likely be left with a small scar, usually bearly noticable

After taking a navel piercing out how long should you wait to get it redone do to scar tissue?

Personally I dont think you need to wait at all, as long as you are COMPLETELY healed from you first piercing. But you might want to go to a bigger guage to avoid the whole scar tissue thing all together. The bigger guage SHOULD (as long as its a hollow needle) cut out some of the scar tissue, but then when you are ready to take out your navel piercing it will leave a larger scar than the first one did.

How do you help a migrating belly button piercing?

Take the jewellery out of the piercing and call it a day. The piercing will continue to migrate and will eventually drop the piercing altogether. Removing the jewellery now will allow your body to maintain the tissue and prevent the formation of scar tissue. After a few weeks you could go and talk to your local professional body piercing about having the piercing redone deeper behind the migrating piercing.

If I get my nose pierced will it leave a big hole in the cartilage if I decide to take it out Or will it leave a ugly scar and what could I do to prevent it?

If u decide to take the piercing out, it will have a very small hole that u can barely see, then after about 2 or 3 months u won't even be able to see that u got it pierced.

Can you get a piercing on a beauty mark?

No. Beauty marks are moles and they should not be pierced, this can lead to scar carsanoma and other nasty things. leave it alone.

How do you close a lip piercing?

You should stop wearing your lip rings and wait. It will close over time. But, more then likely leave a scar.