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Will rx8 wheels with 225x45x18 tires fit straight on to your mx6?

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βˆ™ 2008-02-04 01:42:58

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i got the RX8 rims on my mx6 with tire size 215/35/18 and its lowered

2008-02-04 01:42:58
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Q: Will rx8 wheels with 225x45x18 tires fit straight on to your mx6?
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Will 371250R16.5 tires fit on 17 wheels?

No, only use 17 inch tires on 17 inch wheels.

What wheels can fit 2001 4.0 Oldsmobile aurora my low profile tires were slashed and i am trying to find replacement factory wheels and tires to fit till i can get new tires.?

the one for the car are 235/55r17

30x9.50R15LT Tires fit on 16'' wheels?

The number right after the 'R' (as in Radial tires), is the diameter. These tires are 15 inch diameter Light Truck (LT) tires. They won't fit on 16 in wheels. Sorry. 15 in tires on 16 in rims is very dangerous. Do not try it.

Do wheels for 185 70 r14 tires fit 205 70 r15 tires?

Of course not you cannot install 15 inch tires on 14 inch wheels or vice versa. 14 inch wheels require 14 inch tires, and 15 inch wheels require 15 inch tires.

Will punto wheels fit 206?

Punto wheels will not fit a 206. Punto wheels are 4x98. Check with your local tire dealer to find the correct tires for your vehicle.

Does the tires of a 2001 satrurn fit a 2003 ford focus?

Wheels will not fit. Bolt holes are spaced apart differently. Tires may fit depending on the wheel sizes on both cars.

Will 31 inch tires fit on stock 97 Chevy wheels?

no way will 31in tire fit on a stock chevy blazer the tires will rub on thewheel wells

Do wheels 22 inch and tires 305 22 inch fit a 1999 Chevy silverado?

Yes they will. I have 305 24" wheels for my 01 Tahoe. They fit well.

Can you fit 15 inch tires onto 16 inch wheels they are for a 4x4 vehicle?


Can one put 16 tires and wheels on a 2008 Silverado crew cab LTZ that currently has the optional 20 wheels with terrible tires for winter driving?

Yes they will fit right on there.

Can you put 22 inch tires on a 18 inch wheels?

No. Only 18 inch tires fit an 18 inch rim.

What Size wheels and tires will fit a 1984 Mazda RX7?

4x110 or if its a GSL SE then its 4x114

Will 18 wheels and tires from a 2014 dodge 2500 fit on a 2001 dodge 2500?


Are the tires and wheels from a 1976 chevy Monte Carlo fit on a 1970 chevy Chevelle?


Will 31X10.5 r15 tires fit on 15X8 rims?

No!Will not fit.31x10.5 R15 will fit on 15x10. Yes, I have 32-11.50-15 on 15*8 wheels.

What size wheels and tires will fit a 1964 corvette?

Wheels : Size 15"x5", Bolt pattern 5x4 3/4 , Back spacing 3 1/2" Tires: P205/75-R15

Will 2857516 tires fit a 1995 k1500 Chevy without a lift?

yes with factory offset wheels

Will wheels from a 1995 Honda Accord V6 fit a 1994 Honda Accord 4 cylinder?

Yes, they will fit. Be aware that if the wheels are not the same diameter your speedometer will be off unless you change tires to compensate.

Difference between 14 inch rims and 15 inch rims?

14 inch wheels fir 14 inch tires, 15 inch wheels fit 15 inch tires. The difference is 1 inch.

Will Toyota wheels fit a Chevy?

yes, most Toyota wheels fit on Chevy 1/2 ton, but they don't have the same seating on the center hole the Toyota is bigger so you have to rotate tires more often. so they don't cup.

Will Dodge Ram 20 wheels and tires fit a 2007 Dakota. Bolt Pattern is the same but will they fit?

The back spacing is different, so I do not believe they would fit.

Can parts from a 1996 Chevy Silverado fit on a 2001 Chevy Silverado?

NO nothing will. well maybe the tires and wheels will.

Will a 2007 Camry's 16 5x114.3 mm wheels tires fit my 1993 Camry LE?

The bolt pattern should be the same, but the wheels on a 93 are 14", not 16", so if you use low profile tires, you should be OK.

Can 17 inch rims fit 19 inch tires from the 2009 Toyota hybrid highlander limited?

Of course not. 19" tires can only be mounted on 19" wheels.

What size tires fit 1984 Chevy?

WE need to know what size wheels you have on it, Like 15" 16" and so on. Also need to know how wide the wheels are too.