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Global WarmingIts difficult to predict what will happen in a couple of million years, or what you mean by close up ( like going out of business ?) but right not it is growing due to the constant melting of the permanent ice pack and the fact that it is now slightly warmer ( 1 degree ) than it was previously means that the water molecules take up more space also making it larger. It is actually possible that in the next 1000 years that places like Florida, Washington DC, and New York will be under water if things continue as they are now. Reduction in CO2 in our atmosphere is the answer and remember that the annual plankton bloom produces 300 times more oxygen from CO2 than all the forests on the earth combined. PlatectonicsThe current theories on plate movement have the Pacific Ocean getting smaller and the Atlantic Ocean as growing. Theory has it that the Atlantic didn't exist, but the continents split and starting moving away from each other. Now most of the earthquake activities take place on the Pacific Rim as the large land masses move toward each other. You can't tell but it probally will sometime maybe in like 20 million yrs (no joke) But you won't be alive to see it any way. Also platetectonics could do anything. you never know. Califorinia might break off of the USA in a million years . Or Africa might have an ocean in the middle. You Can't Tell. BTW I am only 12 and probally know more than you 20 yr olds on this subject. HEH-HEH
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Q: Will the Atlantic Ocean close up in a couple million years?
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