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there is a possibility that they could. I mean that this is Nick Jonas right now and i am going to tell you that we are going to stay at the Hershey Hotel in room 206 that cost us 2000 a night. thank you for asking us! are you going? well i hope to see you and meet you there too!

there is no possible way Nick Jonas would tell were hes staying and what room he is in what i don't think he would liked to be followed everywere and having girls sitting outside there bedroom door and why would he tell every one it the room cost 2000 a night sure and the Jonas brothers did stay there already for there burnin up tour.

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When was the first year the Jonas brothers had a consert?


How can you meet the Jonas brothers druing a consert?

Get a meet and Greet pass

When is th next Jonas Brothers consert in CA?

san Diego

Where are the Jones brothers going to be for there next consert?

it is on the 17th of may 2011 my answer i got out of the monsterous book of Jonas brothers 2011

When will the Jonas Brothers be in Hershey park pa again?

The Jonas Brothers will be in Pennsylvania November 22 2008 at Hershey park giveing away VIP's to the 100th kid that walk's by and i will WIN

What hotel is the Jonas brothers staying at in Vancouver?

Their supposedly staying at pan pacific.

Where are the Jonas Brothers staying for Sept 4?

at your house

Jonas brothers coming to Hershey park?

They are coming Friday June 25

When do the Jonas Brothers come to Hershey PA again?

Yes most likely

Can you meet Joe and Nick Jonas?

Ya in like everywhere u go but there is only one way you can see or meet the Jonas brothers is in a consert. sorry!

Are the Jonas brothers staying in Boston this weekend?

Yes they are till the 19th

What hotel are the Jonas brothers staying at in Toronto?

The Four Seasons Hotel

Are the Jonas Brothers coming back to Canada?

No they are not they are staying in the United States.

Do the Jonas brothers stay in a hotel after a consert?

yes, but occasionally they'll use the tourbus. yes, but occasionally they'll use the tourbus.

Will the Jonas Brothers will have a consert in New Jersey?

Sorry, but if the Jonas Brothers are enabling my peers to spell concert with an 's' ... I hope they don't come over here Dx Oh, and a real answer would be... "Er, probably XD"

Will the Jonas brothers be staying at the crown plaza after the Houston rodeo concert 2009?


Are the Jonas Brothers having a meet and greet in Hershey?

yes...they do meet and greet everywhere they go

What do the Jonas Brothers look for in a girl?

nice,funny,likes to laugh,and a person who can understand their consert schedule and a girl who is nice and kind and loveable

Is there such thing as Jonas the movie?

No, i don't think so. But of course, there are camp rock 1 and soon 2. And there are also many consert DVD's by the Jonas brothers, and also with Hannah Montana. But maybe in the future it will come Jonas the movie. We can only hope :-)

How did the Jonas Brothers come up that name?

Their last name is Jonas and they are brothers... Jonas, Brothers, Jonas Brothers.

Are Jonas Brothers brothers?

the jonas brothers are real brothers

Are the Jonas Brothers called the Lucas and Jonas Brothers in Jonas?

No. In the show they are the Lucas Brothers. Their Band name in the show is JONAS, but they are not called the Jonas Brothers.

What was Jonas Brothers originally?

The Jonas Brothers are Brothers!!! Their name before they chose the name the Jonas Brothers was gonna be Sons of Jonas

Where did the Jonas Brothers get the name Jonas Brothers?

well there last name is Jonas and they are brothers

Who will host teen choice awards 2009?

Jonas brothersJonas brothers Jonas brothersTHE AMAZING UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!!

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