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Will the TNA wrestlers be joind into the WWE?


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2010-01-18 18:34:27
2010-01-18 18:34:27

The only way they'll work for the WWE is if their contract expires and they don't want to be in TNA anymore. TNA and WWE won't combine.


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Most reasons are that wrestlers are released from wwe and go to TNA. Other reasons are that wrestlers are not happy with there position in WWE so they go to TNA.

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wwe they have better wrestlers wwe has better wrestlers than tna. tna is a big pile of big shows armpit hair You do realize that a lot of the WWE's and WCW's past wrestlers are on TNA right matter of fact I just saw Jeff Hardy on there and alot of people from WCW's NWO is on there. tna took people from wwe to make it look so cool.

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Yes I do all wwe wrestlers got releane and fire frme wwe and went to tna

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Visit their you can see some of the created wrestlers like wwe wrestlers,tna wrestler and others

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