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I assume you have the ugly style bumper I just had mine replaced with the GT/GTP style bumper it is quite easy and does fit but you need zip ties for the bottom end of the new bumper, as it is larger also the styrophome like material to obsorb impact will need to be changed (different size) but it does still fit

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โˆ™ 2006-05-29 23:33:12
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Q: Will the front end clip bumper etc from a 1998 Grand Prix GT fit a 1998 Grand Prix SE?
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How do you replace a 1996 grand prix front bumper?

How do you replace a 1996 Grand Prix front bumper?

How do you change a front bumper cover on Grand Prix?

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Does the 1998 Pontiac grand prix gtp take a special bumper?

Yes, it does the OEM bumper says PONTIAC on the bottom of the bumper versus aftermarket which does not due to GM copyright laws.

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Front of the engine. It has a round yellow plastic handle to pull it out.

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no :(

Cam sensor located Pontiac grand prix se 1998 3.1?

in the front where the belt is at unders the power steering pump .

Will the wheels from a 1998 grand prix fit a 1999 regal?

The wheels from your 1998 Grand Prix will fit on to the 1999 Buick regal. The wheels from both vehicles are exactly the same.

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pictures of how to change front signal bulbs on a 2004 grand prix pontiac

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Where is the wiper motor on a 1998 Grand Prix GT?

On the cowl.

How do you remove front axle from a Pontiac grand prix?

Remove the front tires, from your Pontiac Grand Prix. Remove the brakes and rotors. Unbolt the axle from the suspension. Remove the axle.

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