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Will the guy you like think that you don't like him at all when your friend tells him that you like him but you don't act like you do?


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no boys never believe girls especially with dating problems and or secrets

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she may not like you, and she might still like you. which ever it is its wrong to go out with her best friend. just think how u will feel if she liked your best

well, you like them and they like somebody else that you dont like. you should let your best friend be happy, and if you think they like you, tell them that you like them.

if you like him too then tell him then maybe you can date him. if you dont and you guys are friends just say "i only think of you of a friend im sorry" or if you dont even know him say "i dont know you well enough to feel anything"

if a girl tells her friend does she like you and she says yes she like you but then you send your friend to tell the girls that she said yes she like me and she says no to your friend does she like you???

It probably means that they either really don't like you anymore or they want the other person to like them as well. I think you should bring it up to your "best friend" and tell her how it made you feel and see if she wants to be your friend anymore.

im sorry but i dont think he likes you i think they are just embarassed about the situation and not ready to act like their together.

He may like you in a sense of just beings friend, or a tiny bit more than being a friend, however, he doesn't want to be a relationship with you at the moment or never.

well my brothers nine so i dont think i can help you there....

Tell them if you like the girl tell them if you dont you will be miserable if you dont!

I think that your friend likes you and is jealous of the friend that you like, which is why he's acting weird around you. He isn't hanging out more with his friend to be near him, he wants to hang out with you and is jealous that you like his friend.

If the guy is actually a good friend i dont think he will mind if you go out with his ex-girlfriend, give it sometime dont go at it instantly.

Tell your friend. Ask her how she would feel if you went out with him. She will understand. If not, think about it. Is the guy worth losing your friend?

she will ask the friend, to mind his own business :)

I think it means that she thinks that you are some what cute, but will not go out with you.

I was in the same spot as you. When you like your friends boyfriend its difficult, DO NOT flirt with him, because he could go and turn to your friend, if it is just a crush try to ditance yourself, and ust be there for your friend. but if you think you really like him i would talk to your friend about it. BUt dont say somthing like "i have a huge crush on your boyfriend". think before you speak and what you think is best.

yes. but if u dont like her more then a friend then u shuld tell her

because u think they r like hot or cute and nice i dont know

i dont think that is a true friend because a true friend would not like ur boyfriend and your boyfriend is not true either if he likes her back think about n pick bettre friends and boyfriends

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