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yes they will but you need special headbolts witch ARP sells them.

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Q: Will the heads from a 351 fit on a 302 motor?
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Will 302 heads fit on a 351?

They should fit a 351 windsor.They will not fit a clevland.

What heads will fit on a 1986 ford bronco with a 302 engine in it?

pretty much any 302, or 351 heads will fit

Can a intake manifold from a 351 fit a 302 with 351 heads?

Yes, a 351 windsor intake will fit a 302 engine as long as it is a 1976 or above. Although you will have to change the bolts, but yes it will work. 38 year certified mechanic

Will 1970 351 heads fit 1996 351 efi motor?

yes with head modifications

Will a 351w intake fit a 302 with 351 heads?

Yes. I'm sorry but this answer should be NO, a 351w has a longer stroke than its little brother the 302 making the 351 intake a little wider than the 302 intake.

Will a ford 351 fit in a ford galaxie?

A 351 Windsor will pretty much drop into any Galaxie that was originally equipped with a 289 or 302 motor.

Will a 351 modified flywheel fit on a 302 engine?

nope the 351 modified is a big block and a 302 is a small block

Will a 302 intake fit on a 351?

Unlike chevys 305, 350, and 400 which are interchangeable. The Ford 302 and 351 are not interchangeable.

Will the heads off 1994 ho 302 fit 1996 ho 302?

Yes, if it's a 302 and not a 4.6 like in the newer mustangs the 302 and all aftermarket 302 heads should fit.

Can you fit a 1996 302 transmission on a 1995 351 engine?

Yes as long as it is a 351 windsor.

Can a 91 ford 302 trans fit on a 94 ford 351?

Yes, it will fit.

Can a 1990 engine fit a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis?

yes the 302 or 351 cubic inch v-8 will fit the 302 and 351 engines will not fit a 1994 because the engine in the 94 is a 4.6L and not compatible with the transmission bellhousing.

Will a boss 302 fit in your 65 mustang?

Yes it can fit. Even tho the heads are bigger than the windsor heads that are used in the 302, it will fit with a little room to spare on the sides

Will 302 headers fit 351 heads?

no, mostly they have a different bolt pattern, 5.0 are straight across, 5.8 are higher and lower on each side of every exhaust tube

Will a transmission from a 1990 5.8 351 Ci fit with a 1990 5.0 302 Ci?

yes,the 351/5.8,302,289,260,are the same

A 350 Chevy camshaft on a 351w ford engine can be possible that fits and run?

No, the Chevy cam will not fit in a Ford engine.a 302 ford cam will fit in a 351,but the engine will need to be timed to 302 specs if this is used. Later on H.O. 302 engines had the same firing order as as the 351 Windsor.

Will 351 modified 4 speed transmission fit 351 windsor motor?

No a 351/400 is the same as the 429/460 Big block style, the 351W is the small block motor style like the 289, 302, 351C, 300 I-6. If the bell housing unbolts from the housing find the small bolt patter to match the tranny.

Will a intake of a 96 302 5.0 fit on a 95 351w 5.8?

No , the 351 intake manifold is wider than the 302 intake manifold

Will 351 Cleveland heads fit a 302 Windsor block?

No it would not This is not totally correct, you can drill out the water ports located on the front of the heads block surface just enough to put shallow freeze plugs in them. then drill out the intake surface side to allow water passage through the intake manifold. and last but not least, you will need to purchase an after market intake for a Bogus Boss if your 351 Cleveland heads are the 2brl variety or if your lucky enough to have 4brl heads just find real 302 boss parts to finish out the job. I have done this 2 times and it will make your 302 come alive.

Do the heads on a 409 motor fit on any other motor?


What motor does a qs8a oil filter fit?

Ford 302

Can I Put a 1994 5.8 liter into a 1971 Ford Bronco?

if it is a 351 windsor it is a 302 block and it should fit

Will a 302 Ford Motor fit a Ford Ranger transmission?

no the c4 is not compatible with the 302 you would need a c6

What are the steps to swap an 1986 Ford Thunderbird from a 3.8 to a 1979 ford 302 out of an 1979 truck?

if you have to ask you won't be able to do it by your self a 302 or 351 will fit but you will need a 302 powered thunder bird for parts

Do new boss 302 heads fit on a old mustang 5.0 engine?

No they are both completely different engines.... heads and blocks.