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No... gps signal too weak for iphes to pick up.

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Q: Will the iphone GPS Maps work in Trinidad?
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How does the verizon gps phone work?

The verizon GPS phones work by getting a GPS signal to pinpoint your location. You can use Maps if you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, which is perfect.

Is there a GPS unit that will connect to my iPhone?

You can get an application for the IPhone that will let it work nearly as well as a GPS.

Can you get directions from a iPhone?

Yes. The iPhone has a built-in Maps application that integrates with Google Maps. It also has a built-in GPS on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models that makes getting directions easier and more accurate.

Is there any iPhone navigation that has Aruba maps?

Yes, Aruba virtual maps are available for iPhone users. One source is the third-party applications through Apple's App Store. Recent iPhones [iPhone 3G and 3GS] support A-GPS [assisted GPS].

Does Trinidad have a gps system?

yes, you can get a gps system that has the data of Trinidad

Is there a way to update the map on the iPhone?

if im not wrong, the maps on the iphone are streamed into the iphone using wifi/3g(internet access) from Google using their "Google Maps". so its updated if google updates their maps. thing is, is it possible to download/buy maps for the iphone so i dont have to stream google maps to use the gps?

Would gps work in the Philippines?

GPS is satellite based, so it should still work in the Philippines as long as you have maps of the Philippines loaded into your GPS.

Does the iphone have built in gps?

Yes, I believe the iphone does have a built in GPS. Either way, even if it does not there are GPS applications you can always download for the iphone.

Will the PSP GPS maps work in South Africa?

When will the PSP GPS & in car cradle be released in South Africa????

Best gps for iPhone 5?

One of the best GPS apps for the iPhone 5 is the TomTom GPS app.

Does the iPhone have a GPS system?

iPhone 1st generation does not have built in GPS, but iPhone 3g has a built in GPS module. However, when GPS is not available, iPhone 3g will also use cell towers to triangulate your approximate location.

Is there an app for nuvi maps?

The navigation app that is used on ipod or iphone is called the Navigon App. This replaces the Nuvi maps that are usually found on a Garmin brand GPS.

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