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99% sure the Taurus radiator will be a perfect match to the Sable's.


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No, a Generation 2 (1992-1995) Taurus/Sable Windshield will NOT fit a Generation 3 (1996-1999) Ford Taurus/Sable.

My 1995 Mercury Sable with 3.0L has that trany in it. So I'd say yes

1995 Taurus - Sable front speakers are 6.5 and back are 6 x 9

No - the Taurus-Sable was significantly redesigned in 1996.

There is NO TIMING BELT on a 1995 Mercury Sable * Both the 3.0 and the 3.8 liter V6 engines in a 1995 Mercury Sable have a timing CHAIN

The 1995 Mercury Sable would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 ) oil in the engines

The "Related Questions" below add up to a full tutorial / how-to on installing a radio into a Taurus / Sable.Be sure to focus on the one for removing a radio from the 1986-1995 Taurus/Sable - not the other one about a converter plate as it doesn't apply to your '95.

its a car that mucury made

The whole system or a particular component?

According to a website I was looking at : For a 1995 Mercury Sable , the highway mileage is : 3.0 liter V6 engine ( 27 miles per U.S. gallon ) 3.8 ( 26 )

The thread on cap on the engine coolant reservoir is the " radiator cap " on a 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis

The flasher for a 1986-1995 Taurus is located under the dash on the drivers side. It is at the fuse panel.

If you are referring to the electric engine radiator fan, there should a safety recall for a free replacement or repair. I had one done on my 1995 Mercury Sable. But I don't know if the recall goes back that far to 1988. Go to the Federal Government's National Highway Safety web page to see.

What kind of brake problem(noise,pulling)?

The price of a 1995 Mercury Sable brake line system, would depend on where the parts were bought, and what specific brand type of the parts. Usually, better deals are found online than in stores.

For a 1995 Mercury Sable : There were two ( six cylinder ) engines offered from the factory A 3.0 litre V6 and the 3.8 litre V6 firewall 1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 front of vehicle > driver

On a 1995 Mercury Sable : The ENGINE cylinder locations are numbered : firewall 1-----2-----3 4-----5-----6 front of vehicle > driver ( If that is what you mean )

The heatercore itself is more centered under the dash.The blower motor is behind the glovebox.See "Related Questions" below for an excellent write-up on the 1986-1995 Taurus / Sable heater core

Hard job requiring refrigerant recovery system. TAke it to a garage.

A lubricant on your 1995 Ford Mercury emergency brake can help to get it unstuck. Tapping on the emergency brake with a rubber mallet might also help.

given that you have general knowledge on socket tools/wrenches. all you need to do is locate the drain pipe usually on the bottom or bottom side of the radiator. make sure its fully drained so you dont make a big mess. take off the fan cover. locate the bolts holding the radiator in place remove said bolts. remove said radiator do steps in reverse to replace. congratulations you replaced a radiator!!! well done. p.s dont for get to refill the radiator ;)

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